Graduate School...How Do I Prepare For It?

 Tennessee State University Career Development Center

The decision to pursue a graduate degree should not be taken lightly. During your undergraduate education (career) you have the opportunity to explore a variety of areas. Graduate school requires you to focus on a specific area. The research and application process will include determining your financial need, selecting programs that are closely tailored to your goals, and engaging in activities (academic and professional) that will enhance your marketability. The best advice - START EARLY!

Use the acronym G.R.A.D. to help you identify where you are in your graduate school preparation and where you need to go.

    1. G ather Information:
            Identify what schools offer programs in your area of interest or study
            Identify financial assistance
    2. R esearch graduate and professional school programs :
            Find out about the professors, their reputation and research
            Investigate campus resources/student services
            (i.e. facilities,technology,library and journals published by the university)
            Financial Options (Money for school)
            Evaluate class offerings and availability
    3. A dd to your skill sets:
            Gain valuable experience through summer research, co-op, and internship opportunities.
    4. D on’t Delay

Identify the admission requirements and deadlines for each school. Begin preparing TODAY!!!
Regardless of discipline, virtually all graduate school applications request the same basic components, such as: 

                 Entrance exam (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, DAT, MCAT)  
       Recommendation letters 
                 Personal statement or admission



                      Picture yourself there! Visit the school! Upcoming graduate school visitation opportunities!!!

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