If you are viewing this webpage, you share our interest in your student’s career development! The entire TSU Career Development Center staff is available to provide comprehensive career education and job search services for students in all majors, all class years, and pursuing all career paths.

We support your student in the lifelong process of personal discovery and discernment, as they explore their unique personality, skills, and interests, working with them to define and achieve career goals. You can help us by encouraging your son or daughter to schedule an individual appointment with a professional from our Center by calling  (615) 963-5981

The Parent Information section of the Career Development's website is designed to help you support your son or daughter as they explore career choices. If you have specific questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us at 615 963-5981 or

Next time you are on campus, stop in at the Center for Career Development in the Floyd Payne Campus Center, room 304. We’d love the opportunity to meet you and show you the resources available to assist your son or daughter in achieving their career goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Career & Professional Development Center provide?

The Career Development Center (CDC) at Tennessee State University (TSU) is a centralized career center staffed by a team of seasoned and highly-educated professionals who orchestrate the career exploration, experiential learning, and career networking needs of students and alumni. TSU's Career Development Center is focused on discipline-specific career development, experiential learning, and employer relations shaped by strong connections with the university's academic colleges. The Center's success is founded upon a solid understanding of career and professional development, integration of technology and virtual platforms, and an unwavering commitment to providing personalized attention towards meeting the unique individual needs of students, alumni, and employers.

When Should My Student Visit the Career and Professional Development Center?

It’s best if students visit us in their first year so they can make the most of our resources and services, but it is never too late to start!  Students can make an appointment to meet with their career consultant whenever and as often as they would like. Students can login to Handshake to schedule an appointment.

Who should my student meet with?

Students and Alumni are able to meet one-on-one or attend virtual and/or in-person workshops and events to meet their career needs. Students will be introduced to Handshake and are able to schedule individual appointments with one of our career consultants through this platform.

What If My Student Doesn’t Know What He or She Wants To Do?

Many students enter college without a concrete idea of what subject to major in or what job they want to do. This is a very common experience. Your student can consider his or her interests, skills, and values to determine suitable majors and careers. We have a wealth of information and services to help students with their search, so please suggest that your student stop by the CDC for assistance or login to Handshake to schedule an appointment with their career consultant.

What If My Student Wants to Major in Something that Doesn’t Seem Practical?

We encourage students to make career decisions based on their skills, interests, and values, and can discuss with them how these can relate to a career plan.  We also ask students to look at their dreams and goals as part of the process. Please suggest that your student schedule an appointment on Handshake to meet with their career consultant.

When is the Best Time to Look for a Job or Internship?

Companies recruit for interns and full-time positions at different times. For summer internships, most companies start looking in January, but companies with more competitive internships start in the fall semester. This can also vary by industry, field, and major. We recommend that students make early contact with their employers of choice to find out when intern hiring begins. Additionally, your student should meet with their career consultant, as they will be aware of the appropriate time tables for different industries. 

How Can My Student Find a Job or Internship?

Students can make an appointment to meet with their consultant who will explain the many resources available. One of job search services we offer is Handshake, where students can browse postings for internships, part-time jobs, and full-time jobs from employers all over the country. We provide online job listings and other resources where students can access a variety of directories, listings, and organizations.

Should My Student Work During College?

At TSU, we believe an on-campus or a federal community service position is more than just a job; it is an opportunity to develop professionally and personally outside the classroom. We have numerous on-campus positions available to which students can apply.  Through these experiences students gain: 

  • Additional financial resources to cover personal expenses
  • Exposure to the world of work
  • Enhanced skills in communication, teamwork, time management, decision making, and customer service
  • Exposure to additional resources and programs
  • An opportunity to apply and observe some of the principles and techniques learned in the classroom.


What Should My Students Be Doing if He or She is interested in Graduate Study?

Students considering graduate school can make an informed choice by carefully reading through the graduate school section of our website. Also, students can make an appointment to talk to their career consultant about graduate school. Your student should develop relationships with faculty in their area of interest, as it is important that your student be able to draw on a professor's knowledge and advice before and throughout their graduate studies.