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Degree Credit and Remedial Programming *

Faculty Appointments

Faculty Promotion

Honorary Degree Policy and Procedures

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Tenure for Universities 

Tenure Transfer or Termination Due to Deletion of a Program

Termination of Tenure for Curricular Reasons

Academic Program Modifications

Curricular Development and Modification Approval

New Academic Programs Approval Process and Timeline

Program Approval New Programs Policy

Letter of Notification (LON) Checklist/New Academic Program Proposal Checklist (NAPP)

TSU Lifecycle of the New Program Development Process per THEC Policy

TSU Substantive Change Policy

*Updated Policy Governing Remote Work 03-31-2020


 *Pursuant to the Focus on College and University Success (FOCUS) Act, effective July 1, 2016, all Tennessee Board of Regents policies are deemed to be Tennessee State University's policies, unless rescinded or revised by the TSU Board of Trustees (or the President, if authorized).