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Otis L. Floyd Research Center

Name Phone # Location Email Title    
Kaushalya Amarasekare 615-963-5001 202P Farrell-Westbrook

Extension Assistant Professor - Entomology

M. Shea Austin Cantu 615-963-5536 Davidson County

Community Nutrition Education Program Director

Amy Berger 865-982-6430 Blount County Extension Agent
Crystal Blankenship 931-484-6743 Cumberland County Extension Agent
E. Dannie Bradford 423-942-2656 Marion County County Director
Benneka Brooks 901-752-1207 Shelby County Program Assistant
Thomas W. Broyles 615-963-7885 213B Farrell-Westbrook Extension Associate Professor,
Program Leader 4-H and Youth Development
Fitzroy Bullock 615-963-5449 214E Farrell-Westbrook Extension Professor - Weed Science
Lorie Burtts 931-759-7163   Moore County Extension Agent
Arvazena Clardy 615-963-4887 200 Farrell-Westbrook Extension Associate Professor - Horticulture
Morgan Cox 423-442-2433 Monroe County Extension Agent
Jennifer Cross 423-663-4777 Scott County Extension Agent
Jason de Koff 615-963-4929 105 Biotech Building Extension Associate Professor  - Agronomy and Soil Science
Jason DeBusk 423-728-7001 Bradley County Extension Agent
Amy Dismukes 931-815-5140   163 Otis L. Floyd Nursery Research Center Area Extension Specialist 
Anna Duncan 931-723-5141 Coffee County Extension Agent
John Ferrell 931-967-2741 Franklin County Extension Agent
Rita Fleming 615-963-2135 214G Farrell-Westbrook Extension Assistant Professor - Family Sciences
Kelley Frady 423-338-4503 Polk County Extension Agent
Leigh Fuson 615-597-1421 DeKalb County Extension Agent
Saundra Gatewood 423-855-6113 Hamilton County Program Assistant
Joshua German 731-658-2421 Hardeman County Extension Agent
Sean Giffin 931-684-5971 Bedford County Extension Agent
Jennifer Gilbert 423-626-3742 Clairborne County Extension Agent
Deborah Goddard 615-862-5995 Farrell-Westbrook Suite 200 NEP Coordinator
Denise Godwin 615-963-6657 Farrell-Westbrook Suite 200
Administrative Assistant
Mary Anne Goertz 731-658-2421 Hardeman County Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Goodrich 423-346-3000 Morgan County County Director
Tracy Hagan 931-762-5506 Lawrence County Extension Agent
Solomon Haile 615-963-5445 214C Farrell-Westbrook Extension Associate Professor - Applied GIS and Agroforestry
Lindsay Harrison 615-862-5995 Davidson County Extension Agent
Janice Hartman 423-855-6113 Hamilton County Extension Agent
Logan Hickerson 615-898-7710 Rutherford County Extension Agent
Ashley Hillsman 731-668-8543 Madison County Extension Agent
Philip Hinson 615-963-2268 Extension Services - Dean Rest  Research Assistant Professor
Latasha Holloway 615-862-5995 Davidson County Program Assistant
Lucas Holman 615-444-9584 Wilson County Extension Agent
Rachel Parker Howell 731-635-9551 Lauderdale County Extension Agent
Whitney Jackson 423-447-2451 Bledsoe County Extension Agent
Cheryl Johnson   Davidson County Program Assistant
Karen Jones 731-772-2861 Haywood County Extension Agent
Karla Kean 931-648-5725 Montgomery County Extension Agent
Sierra Knaus 615-792-4420 Cheatham County Extension Agent
Prithviraj Lakkakula       Extension Assistant Professor - Agricultural Economics
Heather Lambert 615-898-7710 Rutherford County Program Assistant
Misty Layne-Watkins 615-898-7710 Rutherford County Extension Agent
Jacqueline Lemons 901-476-0231 Tipton County Program Assistant
Latif Lighari
615-963-5526 213 Farrell-Westbrook Associate Dean, Extension
Megan Long 865-458-5612 Loudon County Extension Agent
Ebony Lott 901-752-1207 Shelby County Extension Agent
Walter Malone 423-574-1919 Sullivan County Extension Agent
Stacy Manley 731-635-9551 Lauderdale County Program Assistant
Garrett McDaniel 731-885-3742 Obion County Extension Agent
Shirley Miller 931-762-5506 Lawrence County Administrative Assistant
Samantha Morrow 931-722-3229 Wayne County Extension Agent
Marion Mosby 615-862-5995 Davidson County  Area Extension Specialist
Emily Mote 931-473-8484 Warren County Extension Agent
Dilip Nandwani 615-963-1897 106B Lawson Hall Extension Professor - Organic Agriculture
Mary Beth Neal 731-286-6143  Dyer County  Extension Agent
Rabie Neal 901-752-1207 Shelby County Administrative Assistant
Emmanuel Omondi Extension Assistant Professor - Hemp Agronomy
Darby Payne 931-363-3523 Giles County Extension Agent
Dharma Pitchay 615-963-4890 202M Farrell-Westbrook Extension Associate Professor - Plant Nutrition
Danielle Pleasant 423-727-8161 Johnson County

Extension Agent

Nadeen Poteete 615-898-7710 Rutherford County

Administrative Assistant

Jack Price 423-272-7241 Hawkins County

Extension Agent

Taylor Reeder 615-790-5721 Williamson County Extension Agent
Kane Reeves 731-668-8543 Madison County County Director
John Ricketts 615-963-7620 205B Lawson Hall Extension Professor - Agricultural Education
Allison Rison 423-334-5781 Meigs County Extension Agent
Alyssa Rockers 615-963-5431 AiTC  Asst. Prof-Agri Media & Comm
Maria Sabin 423-855-6113 Hamilton County Extension Agent 
Brittany Satinover 615-898-7710 Rutherford County Program Assistant
Tiffany Schmidt 615-898-7710 Rutherford County Extension Agent
Angela Settles Area Extension Specialist
Sharon Shope 931-232-5682 Stewart County Program Assistant
Anthony Smith 931-592-3971 Grundy County Extension Agent
Dana Smith 615-862-5995 Davidson County Area Extension Specialist
Deborah Spady 615-963-7561 Extension Services - Dean Rest  Account Clerk 3
Aaron Spurling 423-775-7807 Rhea County Extension Agent
Diane Stewart-Starks 731-286-6143 Dyer County Program Assistant
Finis Stribling 931-375-5301 Maury County Area Extension Specialist
Lillie Taylor 731-635-9551 Lauderdale County Administrative Assistant
William Taylor, Jr. 731-286-6143 Dyer County Extension Agent
Christopher Thompson 865-215-2340 Knox County Extension Agent
Christie Tinch 931-879-9117 Fentress County Extension Agent
Anthony Tuggle 615-898-7710 Rutherford County County Director
Raquel Victor 615-898-7710 Rutherford County Extension Agent
Mary Wakefield 615-862-5995 Davidson County Extension Agent
Jo Anne Waterman 901-752-1207 Shelby County Extension Agent
Haley Webb 423-623-7531 Cocke County Extension Agent
Kelsey Whitefield 931-484-6743 Cumberland County Extension Agent
Lesli Woods 731-584-4601 Benton County Extension Agent
De’Etra Young 615- 963-5123 Extension Associate Professor - Urban Forestry