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Hello TSU Tigers!!

Welcome to the land of golden sunshine!! It is in this land that students are challenged to THINK, WORK, and SERVE.  In the College of Education, we strive to meet students wherever they are, online, on ground, synchronous, or asynchronous.  So, I am excited that you have chosen “BIG Blue” country to achieve your hopes and dreams.  As the Interim Dean of the College of Education, know that “ Excellence is Our Mindset ”.  It is in The Spirit of Excellence that we greet you, that we serve you, that we teach you and support you in becoming all that you desire to become.  In the College of Education, you will find talented scholars and researchers in educational leadership, teaching and learning, psychological services and counseling, assessment and accreditation, global student support services lab, and teacher education and support services. 

If your desired dream is to become an exemplary leader which may include becoming an assistant principal, principal, higher education administrator, superintendent, professor, president, vice president, chancellor or assume other leadership roles in the field of education, you have made a wise choice to come to the College of Education at Tennessee State University.   In the Educational Leadership Department, faculty with exemplary experiences in leadership from all educational levels exist.  The College of Education received grant funds in 2019 (Aspiring Assistant Principal Preparation) to train secondary school leaders from across the state of Tennessee to become better equipped to deal with many of the societal challenges facing leaders today.  Students will simultaneously complete a master’s degree in educational leadership.   

If you are interested in learning about how to meet the many challenges that today’s classroom teachers face, or you are just simply desirous of exploring and enhancing your professional teaching skills, I invite you to explore the Teaching & Learning Department in the College of Education.  TSU prides itself in being one of the leading and top HBCU’s in the country.  The Teacher Education and Student Services Office augments the classroom teaching experiences through collaboration with diverse school-based mentor teachers and other professionals who provide practical real-world experiences to classroom application.  The Teaching and Learning Department offers the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in a variety of areas.  Faculty in this department are highly qualified research and teaching scholars.  Licensure programs are available in Early Childhood and Elementary Education (in partnership with the College of Liberal Arts).  Masters and Doctoral degree programs are available in various areas.  If you have interest in becoming a licensed teacher leader and need further information, I invite you to visit the Teaching and Learning website.

Maybe you are desirous of becoming a school counselor to assist students with a plethora of counseling services to meet various needs. Yes, you have again made a great choice.  The Department of Psychological Sciences and Counseling provides undergraduate students with a broad understanding of psychology, and it provides opportunities for graduate students to pursue an interest in scientifically based professional practices and services.  If you have further interest, I invite you to visit the Department of Psychological Sciences and Counseling website where you can visit virtually.  This department also offers the bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a Ph.D. in Psychology. 

The information above represents examples of many choices that exist in the College of Education.  If you are interested in additional information, please visit the departmental websites referenced above.  We also offer certifications, i.e., teacher certifications and special education certifications.  To ensure success in your chosen field of study, the college also provides academic support, tutoring, test preparation, mentoring, and other support services that you may need to achieve your desired career goals and dreams.  These services are available through the Global, Retention, Advising, Coaching, Intervention, Education-Opportunity to Learn (GRACIE-LOL) laboratory.  This lab is designed to meet the specific learning needs of students and integrate career planning and tutoring to enhance retention.

Again, I welcome you to the College of Education where we meet you where you are and take you to where you desire to go.  We also commit to providing you, our student, with a global perspective and opportunities so that when you leave this educational experience, you are committed to serving others in “ The Spirit of Excellence” .

Janet Finch, Ed. D.
Dean and Professor

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The College of Education aspires to be a place where students at both initial and advanced levels explore current research as they prepare to become competent and caring professionals who are able to work effectively with diverse populations.

Further, the College of Education seeks to provide students with global education opportunities, to inspire them toward a demonstrated commitment to service for others, and to provide them with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to excel in their chosen professions.


The mission of the College of Education is to prepare teachers, counselors, psychologists, and administrators to work effectively with schools and communities. Additionally, the College of Education provides all students with the technological skills, knowledge and commitment to diversity necessary for the provision of global and community service, and demonstration of professional excellence.


  1. To prepare elementary and secondary teachers, counselors, supervisors, administrators, school psychologists, counseling psychologists, special educators, and recreation workers, and wellness experts.
  2. To provide opportunities for faculty and students to pursue research and its uses in solving the problems of education, mental and physical health.
  3. To provide students with opportunities for knowledge and understanding of the multicultural society in which they live and their relationship and responsibility in such a society.
  4. To provide a sound program of guidance and to work cooperatively with other departments and colleges of the University in implementing the program.

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