Business Administration

Preparing You for a Career in Business

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The Department of Business Administration (BADM) produces well-rounded professional leaders with a long-lasting foundation to pursue varied career paths. Our students experience a practical, innovative and versatile curriculum that gives them core contemporary and real-world business tools to compete for global success. Our highest priority is to inspire our graduates to adopt leadership, adaptability, and critical thinking skills as essential to become true practitioners of business. The consistent production of qualified and highly competent graduates from our department has created a strong and vibrant working relationship with industry leaders who provide scholarships, internships, and jobs to our students.

The department offers a BBA degree with six concentrations.

Concentrations for BBA Degree

GENERAL BUSINESS: The General Business concentration offers students a well-rounded mix of learning opportunities. The program offers classes that introduce topics in all the other majors, so a graduate could pursue an entry level position in a variety of settings or industries.

MARKETING: This concentration is to foster creative marketing professionals to identify consumer needs and present the products in the marketplace. Students can focus on specialized areas by taking courses in international marketing, social media marketing, marketing analytics, and consumer behavior.

MANAGEMENT: The Management concentration offers a variety of courses designed to teach students essential managerial skills. We train future managers to apply the concepts developed in psychology, sociology, anthropology, and other fields to the workplace. This concentration is ideal for students who want to gain valuable interpersonal skills to pursue careers as managers without specializing in a specific area of management.

HOSPITALITY & TOURISM MANAGEMENT: This concentration will prepare students to be best to succeed in the exciting hospitality & tourism industry in positions such as hotel management, restaurant management, country club management, convention/Event planning, corporate travel management, catering management, airlines, cruise lines, sports and entertainment venues, convention and visitors’ bureaus, corporate travel departments, convention centers, and recreational facilities.

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Human Resource Management teaches students important skills and regulations that allow these managers to advocate for their fellow employees. With courses in areas such as recruitment/selection, compensation/ performance, and training/development, students can either pursue careers in specific areas of interest or apply knowledge from each area of study in an HR generalist role in the organization.

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: The Supply Chain Management (SCM) concentration deals with the efficient coordination of the processes through which suppliers, manufacturers, distribution centers, and retailers outlets produce and deliver goods and services to meet the demand of the customers, at the right time and the right value. Students have the knowledge and skills needed for careers in strategic sourcing, global procurement, logistics, transportation, production, quality performance, Six Sigma, new product development, and distribution management. The program benefits from the TSU SCM Governing Board companies who provide students with scholarships, internships and jobs.

Where could a degree in Business Administration take me?

The Business Administration Department provides the most offerings of majors to reflect the infinite opportunities for professional advancement. Whatever program you elect to pursue, our goal for you is the same. Preparing you to accept the challenge in becoming the next business leader among your peers, within your organization, and globally is where we look to take you. Visit our  career possibilities  page for more information regarding specific career opportunities by degree.

What it takes to obtain a degree in Business Administration

Successfully obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree affords you access to pursue some of the top coveted leadership roles with top organizations. To get there, we have worked with corporate leaders to develop a business curriculum that builds a fundamental business aptitude to lead teams in addressing various organizational challenges.

Business Administration programs produce well rounded professional leaders with a solid foundational business aptitude in various business functions. This is done by establishing a course structure aimed at exposing you to all Business Administration courses at some point in your collegiate career in the College of Business. The successful completion of our program consists of 3 sets of courses, including General Education Courses, General Business Core Courses, and Concentration Courses.

Vision & Mission

 Our vision is to have a national reputation for superior education, research, leadership, and practical business application in the various areas of business.

The Mission of the Department of Business Administration is to provide students with practical and innovative business education with well-grounded managerial skills and ethical awareness that differentiate them in the marketplace, advance their careers, and enable them to compete effectively in the world of business.