Degree Programs

Art Concentrations

Bachelor of Science

The Department of Art offers a major in Art leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science with concentrations in: 

  • Art Education,
  • Studio Art,
  • or Design.

The minimum number of semester hours required for the Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education is 120, while the minimum in the Studio Art concentration is 120.
The minimum number of hours required in Art courses for certification in Art is 64 while in the Studio Art concentration is 58.

Minor in Art

Details to come.

Art Education

Students who wish to pursue the Bachelor of Science Degree with licensure (teacher certification) to teach Art in grades K-12 must seek formal admission to the program through the College of Education during the sophomore year. For a full statement of admission and retention requirements see the Teacher Education Program under the College of Education section in the undergraduate catalog. Students are required to student teach at both elementary and secondary schools to fulfill the certification requirements. Satisfactory completion of the program results in licensure for teaching grades K-12 in Tennessee public schools

Studio Artstudent work

The studio program offers concentrations in:

To students in the studio/classroom, the faculty member acts as a facilitator, and the students act as active participants to create energy which have potent and positive effects on learning. Studios are natural learning communities where students, whether involved in group or individual projects, engage in formal and informal exchanges or ideas and constructive criticism both during and outside of class time.

End of semester critiques focus on an evaluation of students' projects and/or works of art. Individual, ongoing performance based critiques and reviews are the cornerstone of studio education. Additional art courses are required, depending on the degree program one pursues. For these courses, see the four year plans in the undergraduate catalog.


interior design student work

The Design Program at Tennessee State University prepares students for careers in interior design. This is a creative, as well as a technical field, with tremendous opportunities for growth in all areas. A broad curriculum provides a foundation for students to gain insight into how the principles and elements of design can be manipulated to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing interior space. The undergraduate concentration in Design leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Art.

Design Concentration Details

Credit Hour

One semester hour of credit is awarded for 750 minutes of classroom or directed faculty instruction with a minimum of 120 minutes of out of class assignments per week for 15 weeks. Studio based courses earn one credit hour for 2 hours of classroom or directed faculty instruction and a minimum of 2 hours of individual studio work each week for 15 weeks.


• Awarding semester credit hours occurs in accordance with the institution's standard semester calendar.
• Credit for studio, laboratory instruction or internship courses is determined by the academic department.
• The faculty teaching each course, along with the academic department, ensures student learning outcomes are in accordance with institutional guidelines.
Guideline adheres to TBR Policy A-090 that specifies a minimum number of minutes of classroom instruction per semester hour of credit.