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About the Program

The Art Department offers a major in Art leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science with concentrations in Studio Art and Art Education and Design.

The B.S. degree program in Art prepares students to work professionally in art-related fields by providing concentrated studies in:

Each discipline encourages students to approach and resolve aesthetic, intellectual, and technical problems through informed:

  • practice,
  • experimentation,
  • and historical awareness.

We believe that students must have exposure to a broad range of studio experiences to develop first-hand knowledge of the creative process. The in-depth understanding that students acquire in the department, through authentic research compiled with historical study and critical analysis, develops the visual literacy necessary for successful artists, designers, and art teachers. In addition to the degree program, the department supports the cultural climate of the campus with a continuous program of exhibits and lectures in the Hiram van Gordon Gallery. 

virtual speaker lineup  

Our Fall 2021 virtual speaker series features Forest Young, Art Sims, Elaine Lopez, and Daisy A. Patton! This series is open to the public. For information on how to register, please email: (Click here for schedule!)

100 works for 100 books
Faculty Highlight

Professor Sam Dunson's 100 Works for 100 Books project connects art and community. Check it out here

Alumni Highlight
Artist and muralist, Woke3, is our Fall 2021 Alumni Highlight! Check out his work here!

Art Gallery

Fall 2021 Hiram Van Gordon Gallery Schedule