Interior Design, Textile Design & Fashion Industries

Textile designAbout the Program

The program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Art with a concentration in Design

The Design program prepares students for careers in

  • interior design,
  • textile design,
  • and fashion industries.

About the Curriculum

This is a creative, as well as a technical field, with tremendous opportunities for growth in all areas. A broad curriculum provides a foundation for students to gain insight into how the principles and elements of design can be manipulated to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing interior space or a garment that will compliment the client’s best features.

Students may focus on a particular area of design, with their coursework culminating in an internship in their chosen field. Interior design firms, retail chains, specialty stores, and manufacturers have all selected graduates from our program. As a designer you may even be employed in a design division of a corporation or institution or open your own design studio.

Your academic experience will allow you to acquire knowledge in the areas of:

  • theory, principles and elements of design;
  • history of interiors and architecture;
  • various design projects and problems;
  • human needs of special populations;
  • building construction and systems;
  • materials and textiles properties and performance with design applications;
  • building codes and other standards that protect public health, safety and welfare professional ethics;
  • business practices.

Design as a Profession

Designers work in a variety of areas analyzing a client’s needs and goals. As a professional, the designer integrates these findings with knowledge of design acquired through coursework and internship experience. The designer formulates designs that are appropriate, functional, aesthetic and creative and presents design recommendations through appropriate presentation media. Both interior and fashion designers possess a thorough knowledge of textiles and textile properties and have skills in manual and computer drawing applications.

Designers collaborate with other licensed professionals in technical areas, working closely with engineers in many industries.

Professional Opportunities

Designers are involved in numerous fields in both public and private sectors. A background in design allows students to a seek career as a fashion designer, fashion buyer, fashion coordinator, interior designer, space planner, furniture buyer, textile designer, textile buyer, facility planner, design consultant, or a drafting or computer-aided design technician. Employment opportunities are found in many sectors including fashion and textile industries, civic, community, healthcare, hospitality and residential building and planning.

Sustainable Design - Environmentally Friendly Choices for Interiors

Sustainable Design considers and helps maintain ecosystem conditions in which renewability, resource productivity, and biodiversity can be sustained over time.

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