Course Descriptions

ART-1010 Art Appreciation

Credits: 3.00

A course for all students interested in understanding the visual arts in everyday experiences. The course surveys the visual arts, including fundamental and historical distinctions between Eastern and Western art forms. This course may be used towards satisfying the University’s humanities requirement.

ART-1011 Honors Art Appreciation

Credits: 3.00

Honors section of ART 1010 emphasizing the visual arts for students including fundamentals and distinctions between Art Media and periods. This course includes videos of contemporary African American Artists and other 20th and 21st Century Artists. Art 1011 satisfied the University humanities requirements. Enrollment is limited to members of the University Honors College.

ART-1012 Art History & Appreciation

Credits: 3.00

A course designed to expand aesthetic awareness and understanding of visual arts, with traditional focus on the history of art and the impact the artist has on society. This course may be used to remove high school deficiency in the visual and performing arts; if it is used for this purpose, it does not yield credit toward the college degree.

ART-1030 Freshman Seminar

Credits: 1.00

Introduction to major disciplines in art and practical aspects of a career in art. Course covers such topics as art as a calling, building a resume and a portfolio, the job market, art awards, internships, grants, and graduate school. Required of all Art majors in the first semester of their enrollment in the University.

ART-1210 Fundamentals/Drawing I

Credits: 3.00

An introduction to various tools, techniques, and materials of basic drawing. The course studies perspective and the function of the visual elements of compositions.

ART-1220 Figure Drawing II

Credits: 3.00

An exploration of formal and expressive potentials of the figure, with traditional and experimental approaches to drawing. Prerequisite: ART 121.

ART-1310 Design I

Credits: 3.00

A basic approach to the visual elements and principles of design as they related to two- dimensional problems. Problem stating and problem solving are a vital part of the course with emphasis on design theory, color theory, materials and techniques.

ART-1320 Design II

Credits: 3.00

An introduction on how to think outside the flat box utilizing three-dimensional media, design and design principles through creative projects dealing with simple construction techniques, mass, volume, space and a variety of media. Applicable to art majors and students interested in design and three-dimensional media.

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ART-2010 African-American Art I

Credits: 3.00 

A survey of African American visual arts beginning with African roots and influences in the Americas and Caribbean Islands and highlighting the emergence of artists of African descent in the United States.

ART-2210 Painting I
Credits: 3.00
An introduction of the study of color, composition and methodology. Students will learn how to prepare sound paintings, supports of canvas, panel and paper. The study of the versatile applications of oils and acrylics will be explored. Prerequisites: ART 1100-1200 or 1210-1220 or 1320.

ART-2310 Painting II

Credits: 3.00 

This course will offer a combination of technical and conceptual fundamentals of painting. Students will explore spatial organization through observation and abstraction. The student will experiment with problem solving techniques which will advance the individual's personal artistic statement. Prerequisites - ART2210

ART-2410 Crafts 

Credits: 3.00 
An introduction to various media, methods, and techniques of creative art production in two and three dimensional art making. This course is primarily designed for prospective K-12 art specialists whose desire is to improve their knowledge, skills, and understanding of art production. Field based experiences, which call for active participation by students, are part of the course requirements.

ART-2510 Lettering and Layout I

Credits: 3.00 

Technique of letter indication, finished lettering, letter design, typography and film lettering, usage, and adaptation of lettering skills to practical problems. Prerequisite: ART 1310, 1320 

ART-2530 Illustration I 

Credits: 3.00 

The art of illustration as used by the graphic designer/commercial artist. The course includes a study of the history of illustration, methods, tool and techniques. Prerequisite: ART 1210, 1220, 1310, and 1320.

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ART-3000 Aesthetics 

Credits: 3.00 

Problems in philosophy of art and art criticism; aesthetic experience; truth and art, and aesthetic value.

ART-3010 Ceramics I 

Credits: 3.00 

Emphasis on clay as a creative medium as African masks, cultural masks and various projects are explored through hand-forming techniques, utilizing functional and sculptural forms. Students explore surface decoration, extruded forms, kiln firings, clays, glazes and an introduction to the potter's wheel.

ART-3020 Ceramics II 

Credits: 3.00

Emphasis on the potter's wheel and wheel throwing techniques for traditional and non-traditional functional forms. Students explore kiln firings, clays and glazes. Hand forming methods may be maximized to express conceptual series.

ART-3030 Jewelry & Metalsmithing I

Credits: 3.00

Introduction to basic techniques, design and concepts of jewelry, Metalsmithing and small sculptural forms. Techniques include African glass beadmaking, stone setting, soldering, sheet and wire forming. Students buy their own material: i.e., metal, stones, plastic or glass depending on the student's own design and budget. Prerequisites: ART 1210, 1220, 1310, and 1320, or permission of instructor.

ART-3040 Jewelry & Metalsmithing II

Credits: 3.00 

Advanced techniques in jewelry, Metalsmithing and small sculptural forms. Techniques include lost wax casting, chasing, repousse African glass beadmaking, bezel setting of stones, fabrication and design. Students buy their own material, i.e., metal, stones, plastic or glass, depending on the student's own design and budget. Prerequisite: ART 303 or permission of Instructor

ART-3060 Illustration 

Credits: 3.00 

Continuation of ART 2530 with a focus on in depth work in any chosen medium including combinations of media. Prerequisite: ART 2530

ART-3100 Advanced Drawing 

Credits: 3.00 

Advanced composition, stressing figure. Prerequisites: ART 2100-2200 or permission of the instructor.

ART-3110 Graphic Design 

Credits: 3.00 

A problem-solving approach to visual communication, with a special concern for word and image. The course emphasizes the understanding of design principles, theories, and skills with a focus on the social and cultural dimensions of communication. Prerequisites: ART 2510-2520.

ART-3120 Production 

Credits: 3.00 

Technology and skills necessary to the designer/commercial artist. Course includes printed technology preparation of finished art suitable for reproduction. Prerequisites: ART 2510-2520.

ART-3130 Advanced Illustration 

Credits: 3.00 

Study of advanced pictorial concepts, methods, and techniques. Prerequisite: ART 2530.

ART-3200 Advanced Drawing 

Credits: 3.00 

Advanced composition, stressing figure. Prerequisite: ART 3100 or permission of instructor.

ART-3210 Intermediate Painting 

Credits: 3.00

In this course, a conceptual, theoretical approach to painting will be emphasized; lectures, field trips and critical discussions on current directions in painting will be discussed. This course will challenge the student's personal artistic style through the introduction of a variety of new media painting styles. Prerequisite: ART 2210 or permission of instructor.

ART-3260 Photography 

Credits: 3.00 

The fundamentals of photographic process, including the proper use and maintenance of the digital camera, photographic and related equipment.

ART-3300 Watercolor Painting 

Credits: 3.00 

Composition in transparent and opaque watercolor.

ART-3310 Art History I 

Credits: 3.00 

An introductory survey of the development of the visual arts from the Paleolithic periods through the Italian Renaissance.
ART-3320 Art History II 
Credits: 3.00 
An introductory survey of the development of the visual arts from the late sixteenth century through the contemporary periods.

ART-3410 Sculpture I 

Credits: 3.00 
Study of the figure, modeling, casting and construction with a variety of media including metals in an introduction to sculptural techniques and conceptual ideas. Class includes videos and information about African American, 20th and 21st century sculptors.

ART-3420 Sculpture II 

Credits: 3.00 

Figurative and portrait sculpture projects using the model to express conceptual ideas. Continued development of sculptural techniques and concepts. Students complete several projects and work of the student's choice. Prerequisite: ART 3410.

ART-3500 Printmaking I

Credits: 3.00 

An introductory course in the art of printmaking its history, methods, and techniques, including a comprehensive study of various printmaking processes with an emphasis on the less toxic approach. Prerequisites: 1210, 1220, 1310, 1320.

ART-3510 Printmaking II

Credits: 3.00 

A continuation of Printmaking I with an emphasis on advances techniques, focusing on the definition of imagery as well as exploring non-traditional techniques. Prerequisite: ART 3500.

ART-3600 Public School Art

Credits: 3.00 

A survey of various education theories and problems encountered on the elementary and secondary levels. Course includes observation and participation in clinical and field-based experiences. Required of all students seeking certification in Art. Prerequisite: official admission to the Teacher Education Program.

ART-3710 Art Education Methods 

Credits: 3.00 

A course designed to give students experience and understanding in methods, materials, and media as they relate to the art program in grades K-12. Clinical and field-based experiences which call for active participation by students are part of the course requirements. Required of all students seeking certification in Art. Prerequisite: official admission to the Teacher Education Program.

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ART-4000 Individual Problems 

Credits: 3.00 TO 9.00 

Prior to enrolling for individual problems, students must have a form signed by the instructor and the Department Head. Forms are available in the Art Office.

ART-4000A Individual Problems 

Credits: 3.00

Upper-level students only. Art students can count no more than 9 hours of courses in Individual Problems (ART 4000A, 4000B, 4000C series) toward the major in Art.

ART-4000B Individual Problems 

Credits: 3.00 

Upper-level students only. Art students can count no more than 9 hours of courses in Individual Problems (ART 4000A, 4000B, 4000C series) toward the major in Art.

ART-4000C Individual Problems 

Credits: 3.00 

Upper-level students only. Art students can count no more than 15 hours of courses in Individual Problems (ART 400, 401, 402 series) toward the major in Art.

ART-4090 Ceramics III 

Credits: 3.00 

Advanced problems in specific technical and conceptual areas are assigned that relate to series of work dealing with the student's individual's expressions in clay. Clay series may concentrate on wheel throwing, hand forming or a combination of the two methods. The class includes advanced information on kiln repair, clays, glazes and kiln firings.

ART-4120 Advanced Graphic Design 

Credits: 3.00 

Primarily planned to coordinate graphics projects. Prerequisites: ART 3110, 4110.

ART-4150 Sculpture III

Credits: 3.00 

Students create a series of works intended to advance individual student expression of conceptual idea through sculptural media in consultation with the instructor. Students develop work in one of the following areas: casting, mold making, figurative works, installations, clay, multi-media, wood, glass or metal fabrication. Prerequisites: ART 3410 and 3420.

ART-4170 Advanced Photography

Credits: 3.00

Emphasis on individual approaches to the photographic process.

ART-4210 Advanced Painting 

Credits: 3.00 

This is an open studio course which allows the student to identify the strengths and weakness in their paintings. The goal is to produce a self-defined body of work. Each student will create a contract stating the concept, material and amount of work that will be produced by the end of the semester. Student will sue the collective knowledge of the prerequisite courses to exhibit the relationships between form and content and the processes and materials explored. Prerequisites: ART 321 and 3220, or permission of instructor.

ART-4400 Intro/Desktop Publishing

Credits: 3.00

PageMaker basics, screen, menus, palettes, and other tools used together to create, modify, close, and open publications.

ART-4490 Portfolio Seminar 

Credits: 3.00 

Development of a resume, business card, portfolio, graduate school application, personal artistic statement, and interviewing techniques. Students must provide twenty slides of their best work as part of their final grade. Students must earn at least a B in the course to be eligible for the senior review and for graduation. Required of all Art majors in junior or senior year.

ART-4500 Senior Project I 

Credits: 3.00 

Project designed to give senior Art majors the opportunity to select and develop creative and written research related to art. The project is done under the supervision of the student's advisor and the Department Head. Required of all Art majors.

ART-4520 Advanced Printmaking 

Credits: 3.00 

An advanced printmaking course with emphasis on in-depth, individual approaches in various printmaking processes. Prerequisite: ART 3490 or permission of instructor.

ART-4550 African American Art II 

Credits: 3.00 

A study of the development of African American visual arts from the twentieth century to the present period.

ART-4720 Enhch Stud Tch Elem/Seco 

Credits: 12.00 

A semester-long experience of supervised practice teaching appropriately divided between elementary and secondary levels. Required of all students seeking certification in the teaching of Art. Prerequisite: successful completion of all certification courses except EDCI 4700A, which is taken concurrently.


DIGN 2010 Environmental Design (3)  
A course in which students develop techniques for becoming aware of design in the near environment. Students learn to solve creative problems, varied materials and techniques in design and color with emphasis on the element and principles of art as applied to the home and individuals. They also examine two and three dimensional forms in design. Lab- lecture. Fall Semester 

DIGN 2200 Sustainability Living (3) 
An overview of lifestyle choices and how they impact our environment. This course introduces the concepts and practices of sustainable living and design. Lectures will cover current technology, products, consumer practices, and design practices that affect our environment as well as how choices made by individuals and organizations can reduce environmental impact. Lecture 

DIGN 3000 Fashion Illustration (3)
A course in which students learn how to sketch human figures and use fashion illustration as a form of communication. Emphasis on color, proportion, fabric detail, development of individual techniques and development of individual techniques and experimentation with a variety of media. Lab-lecture. Prerequisite: DIGN 2010. Fall Semester: Odd Years

DIGN 3010 Costume/Fashion Design (3)
A course in which students learn how to make rendering and layouts and make costume and fashion analysis for the individual and theatre. They learn fashion fundamentals such as application of the fashion tools, fashion makers, responsibilities of designers, creative use of research, inspirational museums and library sources. Studio problems with emphasis on live color and texture for the individual and costumes are emphasized. Lab-lecture. Prerequisite: DIGN 2010, FASH 2030. Spring Semester

DIGN 3100 Interior, Fashion & Textile CAD (3)
An introduction to the use of computers in interior, fashion, and textile design. Various computer programs are used for developing interior drawings, fashion designs, and textile design.

DIGN 3230 Space Planning (3)
An introductory course in the interior design profession in which students apply the design elements and principles to interior design. Studio problems in designing living spaces for family living. Lab-lecture. Prerequisite: DIGN 2010. Fall Semester

DIGN 3400 Presentation Techniques (3)
In this course students will gain knowledge and experience in portfolio development and presentation skills. Emphasis is placed on writing and vocalizing design concepts and the design process, developing presentation drawings, renderings and boards. Prerequisite: DIGN 2010. Fall Semester 

DIGN 3500 Studio Design Laboratory (3)
A course designed for students who wish to experiment with art studio problems, related art problems, design inspiration and media with guidance of instructor. Prerequisite: DIGN 2010. Fall Semester

DIGN 4000 History of Interiors (3)
A course which includes a study of the historical and contemporary interiors, traditional and modern, classic Asian, European and current influences, and contemporary. Spring Semester

Design 4110 Contract Design (3)
A studio course in which students utilize the design process in the analysis and planning of nonresidential interior environments such as healthcare, restaurant, preschool, and retail facilities. The course includes a study of current codes relating to health, safety, and handicapped accessibility in nonresidential design. Prerequisite: DIGN 2010 and 3230 or consent of instructor.

DIGN 4120 Furniture Design and Decorative Finishes (3)
A course in which students design and execute art crafts using inexpensive materials and tools. The content of the course includes: relationship of design to function, materials, tools and techniques; understanding educational, economic, social, recreational and therapeutic art craft work. Emphasis is placed on making creative objects of original design. Lab-lecture. Fall Semester: Even Years

DIGN 4200 Experimental Textile, Apparel and Design (3)
A course which covers creative and technical aspects of designing textiles, apparel, accessories, and home fashions. Original designs with exercises in various media, direct, indirect and accidental methods will be used to stimulate ideas and involve the students in the process of exploring and awakening intellectual and creative potentials. Lab-lecture. Prerequisite: DIGN 2010 or consent of instructor. Spring Semester

DIGN 4210 Interior Architecture (3)
A course whose major topics for this course are: problems in designing for living; integration of structural concepts; design in relation to site, house and interior environment; selection and coordination of furniture, fabrics, materials, accessories in interior space laboratory. Lab-lecture. Prerequisites: DIGN 2010 & 3230. Spring Semester

DIGN 4350 Internship/Seminar/Options (6)
A course in which students gain experience in established firms, institutions, showrooms, etc. Students are introduced to many practical applications of design theory directed toward various aspects of the fashion, interior, visual and fabric structure and decoration industry as well as specialized teaching. Each option