Summer 2021 Housing

Summer School- 2021! 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, most summer 2021 courses offered at Tennessee State University are online.  Unlike last year, where summer school housing was not available, we will offer Summer 2021 housing, but at a limited capacity.

Summer School Housing Application Information

Students should go to their myTSU Housing Portal to access the summer housing application.  Eligibility Requirements are:

1) Fulfilled Immunization Requirements
2) No Outstanding Student Balance, and
3) Must be either a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior.


Summer Session Housing Application Deadline
Maymester Should apply and complete requirements above by April 26th (Tentative date based on Bursar's Office payment deadline)
Summer Session I Should apply and complete requirements above by May 15th (Tentative date based on Bursar's Office payment deadline)
Summer Session II Should apply and complete requirements above by June 15th (Tentative date based on Bursar's Office payment deadline)

Check-in Dates & Times

You must have a summer housing request on file by the set deadline for the particular summer session and be registered for a course for that summer session, in order to check into a residential facility for Summer School. If you do not meet these criteria, you may be denied entry into the facility until your requirements are fulfilled.

Note:  There is a 10-day break between the end of Maymester housing on May 20th and the start of Summer I housing on May 30th.  Maymester residents, "with and extenuating circumstance", who requests to stay and IF granted approval to stay beyond Maymester, will be charged an additional $177.00 to his/her Summer I housing bill.  These requests should be made by close of business 5/17/2021 (4:30 p.m.) to allow us to review them before Maymester housing ends 5/20/2021.  Approvals of requests are NOT guaranteed and are approached on a case-by-case basis.  Requests will not be approved unless the Maymester resident is registered for a course that begins June 1st and has a summer 2021 housing application on file.

Summer Session Check-In Date Check-Out Date
Maymester  - $336 (Eppse Hall, Tentatively)              May 2nd-5th  May 20th
Summer Session I - $601 (Eppse Hall, Tentatively) May 30th  July 3rd
Summer Session II - $601 (Eppse Hall, Tentatively) July 5th  August 6th

Summer Internship Housing Application Information

This application is accessed via your myTSU Housing Portal; however, it's at the bottom of the Welcome page.  It must be completed by students participating in an approved Summer Internship who are requesting on-campus housing. Approved applicants will provide a letter from their Academic Advisor and or Job Supervisor, on official letterhead, as supporting documentation for their Internship.  The rate is tentatively set at $18.00 per day and students will be billed month-to-month, via Invoice.