Campus Living Guide

University and Residence Life & Housing Policies 

As a resident, we ask that you adhere to policies and procedures vetted by the Department of Residence Life & Housing, Tennessee State University, Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) and enforced by the Office of Student Conduct, TSUPD and the State.

When you apply for housing, you will be asked to sign the current Housing Agreement which outlines many of the policies, procedures and guidelines that we use in the Department of Residence Life & Housing. These policies and procedures are also elaborated upon in our Campus Living Guide. All students at the University, regardless of on-campus residency, are bound to the policies of the TSU Student Handbook. Physical copies of the Student Handbook are passed out around campus to first-year students at the beginning of the academic year (and also include an agenda/planner!).

We ask that our residents review these policies and procedures regularly. Below are the most updated versions of these documents: