Fall 2021 Move-In

Fall 2021 First-time freshmen will move into their assigned residence facilities on August 10th-12th, except for those in the  House of God Tate Manor.  Those first-tme freshmen in Tate Manor will Move-in on August 13th. First-time freshmen arriving Aug. 10th-12th who reside in Wilson, Watson, Boyd, Eppse, Hale, and Rudolph, will first report to the Gentry Center parking lot to be processed and escorted to their buildings.  See the "Fall 2021 Freshmen Move-In Plan" below.

Other students (Continuing, New Transfers, and Re-admits, will move into their assigned residence facilities on August 13th-15th, and will report directly to their buildings. 

In order to promote social distancing and regulate traffic flow, students residing on campus must make a Move-In Appointment.  This is done through the myTSU Housing Portal  by going to "Fall Move-In Sign Up".  This excludes HOG Tate Manor first-time freshmen, and it excludes early arrival pre-approved groups whose members move-in prior to August 10th, such as Athletics and Student Government.  Failure to adhere to your scheduled Move-In times, will affect your access to moving into your residence facility.