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Goat PanelThe Tennessee State University Goat Extension Program serves the agricultural industry of Tennessee by providing meaningful educational programs in efficient production of animals and wholesome animal products. These programs are directed through TSU/UT Extension staff.

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Become a Certified Meat Goat Producer
The Master Meat Goat Producer Program is designed as an educational tool to provide information and insight to broaden production management skills and improve the competitiveness in the market place in order to increase profitability for meat goat 

producers. The Master Meat Goat Producer Program is led by a team of specialists
and agents from Tennessee State University and the University of Tennessee with the
support and involvement from representatives of state-level agencies, businesses and organizations that have an interest in the states’ meat goat industry. The Master Meat
Goat Producer Program will:

Include 13 educational topics that focus on meat goat production and issues facing the meat goat industry.

Enhance the profitability and competitiveness of meat goat producers by providing essential, technical and practical information.

• Provide participants with a meat goat reference manual that covers in detail the educational (technical and practical) information presented in the sessions.

Encourage producers to interact with trained facilitators and encourages the sharing of ideas with other producers.

 Topics to be covered in the educational sessions include:

Goal setting, evaluating objectives, writing a mission statement and planning; all necessary for success. A look at the true economics for a meat goat business: budgeting time, money and resources to the enterprise identified and marketing – how to market your product for profit.

Producing meat goats that are healthy and function within climatic constraints. Farm biosecurity to keep your livestock and family healthy and best management practices for land stewards.

The most expensive expenditure on most farms. Understanding the concept of balanced nutrition for production parameters.

The use of pasture grasses, forbs and mixed vegetation for forage-based meat goat production. Use of dried forages as a
supplemental feed source. Establishment of mixed specie pastures.

Goats as a diversified enterprise in cut over timber, tree plantations, and understory vegetation management.

Economics of portable and permanent structures and fencing. Discussions on equipment and facilities needed based on production management goals and goat behavior under various circumstances.

Keeping goats safe from both domestic and wild intruders can be a challenge.

A herd health management program must be incorporated as part of a total operation. Learn to prevent diseases, recognize diseases and avoid internal parasite devastation.

Decisions that impact the quality and performance of goats within the industry and the consumer. Learn basic genetic principles, the use of performance records, planning breeding programs, herdsire selection and selecting and culling females.

A major factor impacting profitability. This section covers economics, reproductive systems function, management and development of replacement stock, body condition scoring and artificial insemination.

By understanding the agility, aggressive and curiosity tactics of the goat, they can be used to advantage in production management and foraging.

The value of a carcass is greatly influenced by genetic decisions. Integrate quality and yield grades into pricing and ethnic group target markets. Wholesome products begin with the producer.

This section will discuss body condition scoring, quality assurance management practices, record keeping and practical working “hands-on” sessions.

 What are the benefits of the Master Meat Goat Producer Program?

Participation in educational sessions with specialists that provide opportunities to gain knowledge in meat goat production and marketing.

 A reference manual of the 13 topics covered in the sessions and other valuable information - yearly production calendar, DVD and CD’s.

An opportunity to identify all the facets of meat goat management and production for a new, novice or experienced producer.

 • Participation in the Goat Quality Assurance (GQA) certified producer program.

 • Master Meat Goat Producer Certification to qualify for the Tennessee Agriculture Enhancement program through TDA.

The fee for the Master Meat Goat Producer Program is $160.00 which covers the costs of the training sessions, educational manuals and other teaching / instructional materials.

Upcoming Master Meat Goat Producer Programs:

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