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 Computer Laboratories

Our students have access to various computer laboratories located in the same building as the Computer Science Building (McCord Hall). Those laboratories have the following oprating environments.

•  Linux
•  Unix
•  Mac
•  Windows

Our students have access to various software environments for free through the academic initiatives that TSU has with Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle. The following software environments are also included:

•  Visual Studio.NET
•  WebSphere
•  Microsoft Office and Visio

Theron and Nimisha No 3

ethernet cable  

Tennessee State University is among the top 50 most wired universities.

All offices, dormitory rooms and most of the classrooms are connected to the Internet through a local area network. The Communications and Information Technology (CIT) department is responsible for communications, management, establishment, support and maintenance of computer labs and many other related tasks.


  Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab

The RISL is an interdisciplinary teaching/research of the Department of Computer Science. The RISL, established in December 2005, provides opportunities for research, education, and outreach in Intelligent Systems, primarily Robotics. The Lab has over 15 people and 15 mobile robots. The main focus areas are:

•  Group Robotics
•  Human-Robot Interaction
•  Wireless Ad-Hoc Networking
•  Distributed/Parallel Computation
•  Computer Vision

The RISL welcomes participation of undergraduate and graduate students. Please contact to the respective faculty member to get involved in the research projects.  Visit RISL



Advanced Computing and Bioinformatics Lab (ACBL)

TSU received an award from the National Science Foundation to create the TSU Interdisciplinary Graduate Engineering Research (TIGER) Institute as an infrastructure grant. The ACBL is part of the TIGER Institute. The lab includes various servers and storage units that are being utilized for evaluation of high-performance computing and bioinformatics algorithms.

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