Research in Computer Science

High Value Placed on Quality Research


Major Research Areas

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity and Networking
  • High-Performance Computing and Bioinformatics
  • Robotics
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing 
  • Data Sciences - CIDA LAB

Funded Research of Our Faculty

  • Manifold Segmentation and Deep Convolutional Networks, funded by DOD, $659,418, 2020-2023, PI: Dr. Ali Sekmen.
  • Subspace Segmentation: Theory and Algorithms, funded by DOD, $590,000, 2015-2018, PI: Dr. Ali Sekmen.
  • Development of a Meso-Scale Intelligent Robot for Water Leak Detection, funded by USDA, $300,000, 2017-2020, PI : Dr. Ali Sekmen.
  • Collaborative Research: Enhancing Curriculum and Faculty development on Information Assurance and Security through Real World Relevant Portable Laboratory, funded by NSF, $102,209, 2014-2017, PI: Dr. Wei Chen.
  • Unfettered and Reliable Communication in Congested Spectrum Environments, funded by AFRL, Nov 2013, Oct 2018, $450,000,   Co-PI : Dr. Chen.
  • Subspace Segmentation and High Dimensional Data Analysis, funded by NASA, August 2012-July 2014, $250,000,  PI: Dr. Sekmen, Co-PI: Dr. Chen.
  • Targeted Infusion Grant: Development of an Undergraduate Bioinformatics Program for Enhancing Research and Education at Tennessee State University, funded by National Science Foundation, Sep 2011-Sep 2014, $297,877,  PI: Dr. Sekmen, Co-PI: Dr. Chen.
  • Targeted Infusion Grant: Vertical Integration of Concepts, Laboratory Experiences and Research Training in Cyber Security, funded by National Science Foundation, Sep 2011-Sep 2014, $299,872,  PI: Dr. Rogers.
  • Cooperative Air/Ground Robotic Sensing, funded by AFRL, Oct 2010-Oct 2011, PI: Dr. Yao, Co-PI: Dr. Sekmen.
  • Design and Development of the Next Generation Micro Air Vehicle, funded by Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Sep 2010-Jan 2011, PI: Dr. Yao.
  • Cooperative Wireless Communication and Networked Methods for Spectrum Sharing and Interference Reducing,  funded by AFRL, Oct 2010-Oct 2011, PI: Dr. Chen.
  • DTRA’s Student Research Associate Program: Robust Networking Architectures and Security Schemes for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks ,  funded by PennState, Jan 2009-May2011, PI: Dr. Chen.
  • Market Based approaches for Workload Balancing in Cloud Computing ,  funded by IBM, 2010, PI: Dr. Chen.
  • Assisting Bioinformatics Efforts in Minority Schoole, funded by NIH, Sep 2009-Sep 2010, PI: Dr. Miao, Co-PI: Dr. Chen.
  • Developing Bioinformatics Program,  funded by NIH, Feb 2011-Jan 2016, Co-PI: Dr. Miao.
  • A Cross-Layered Perspective of Cognitive Networks – Building MIMO Radios into Design of Cognitive Networks,  funded by AFRL, Oct 2009-Oct 2010, PI: Dr. Chen.
  • Multi-Phenomenology Sensor Node Development for ATR Testbed Facility, funded by AFRL, Oct 2009-Nov 2009, PI: Dr. Sekmen.
  • Heterogeneous Vision Data Fusion for Independently Moving Cameras, funded by AFRL, Apr 2009-Oct 2011, PI: Dr. Sekmen, Co-PI: Dr. Yao.
  • Development of Real-Time Algorithms for Moving Target Detection and Tracking from Moving Platform, funded by AFRL, Sep 2006-Mar 2008, PI: Dr. Sekmen, Co-PI: Dr. Yao and Dr. Rogers.
  • Heterogeneous Cognitive MIMO Networks: From Spectral Efficiency to Global Optimization ,  funded by AFRL, Oct 2008-Oct 2009, PI: Dr. Chen.
  • Cross-Layer Design of Channel-Adaptive Transceiver jointing with MAC and Networks ,  funded by AFRL, Oct 2006-Oct 2008, PI: Dr. Chen.
  • Multi-Sensor Vision Data Fusion for Smart Airborne Video Surveillance, funded by AFRL, Feb 2008-Nov 2008, PI: Dr. Sekmen, Co-PI: Dr. Yao.
  • Moving Target Detection, Identification, and Tracking Across Multiple Airborne Platforms, funded by AFRL, Feb 2008-Nov 2008, PI: Dr. Sekmen, Co-PI: Dr. Yao and Dr. Rogers.
  • Comprehensive Unmanned SysTems for Force Protection Support (CUST), North Carolina Central University Foundation Inc. , Sep 2007-Sep 2008, Co-PI: Dr. Yao.
  • Preliminary Experiments for Autonomous Ground VehiclesFaculty Research Award (TSU), May 2007-Aug 2007, PI: Dr. Yao.
  • Mesh Networking for Efficient Multi-Robot CommunicationFaculty Research Award (TSU), May 2006-Dec 2006, PI: Dr. Sekmen.
  • Secure Network Architectures and Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks Faculty Research Award (TSU), May 2006-Dec 2006, PI: Dr. Chen.
  • Center of Excellence for Battle Field Sensor Fusion funded by Army Research Office , 2004-2009, Co-PI: Dr. Chen.
  • VisUnit Control System, funded by Lockheed Martin, Nov 2006-Feb 2007, Co- PI: Dr. Sekmen, Co-PI: Dr. Yao.
  • Embodiment of Intelligent Behaviors on Mobile Robots, funded by NASA , Apr 2001-Aug 2004, Co- PI: Dr. Sekmen