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Computer Science?

General Non Academic Ms. Chenhua Yang (Admin Assistant) 615-963-5800
General Academic Dr. Ali Sekmen (Dept. Chair) 615-963-5712
Theoretical Computer Science, Algorithms, Advanced Computing, Computer Networks Dr. Wei Chen 615 983 5878
Data Sciences, Mobile Robotics, Machine Learning, Applied Mathematics Dr. Ali Sekmen 615 963 5712
Computer Hardware, Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Mobile App Development Dr. Fenghui Yao 615 963 5875
Databases, Web Applications Dr. Guifeng Shao 615 963 5874
Bioinformatics, High-Performance Computing, Image Processing Dr. Kamal Al Nasr 615 963 5848
Cyber-Security, Computer Networks and Communications, Robotics Dr. Tamara Rogers 615 963 1520
Director of Graduate Studies, Bio-Robotics, Cognitive Systems, Mechatronics, Game Programming Dr. Erdem Erdemir 615 963-5873
Computer Programming, Web-Based Programming Mr. Heh Miao 615 963-1521
Communication Systems and Networks, Cyber-Physical Systems and Sensor Networks, Cyber-security Dr. Swastik Brahma 615 963-5852
Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Biomedical Engineering Dr. Manar Samad 615-963-5000


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3500 John Merritt Blvd, McCord Hall
Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: (615) 963 5800
Fax (615) 963 5847

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