College of Education
Computer Lab

The College of Education Computer Labs exists for the students.

The PC lab, located in 214 Clay Hall, has state-of-the-art computers with the programs students need during their studies. This includes, for example, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SPSS, Access, and access to the internet.  Students in education will also find software designed specifically for students who are studying to be teachers, and who need to study for and pass the Praxis Core test. Students are invited to use either laboratory during hours of operation. At certain times the labs may be reserved for a class and consequently not available to other students. The laboratory assistants will have information regarding the times the laboratories may be reserved.

The Coordinators of the Labs have the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinating teaching/learning skills for students with computer-based programs
  • Creating and maintaining relations with participating faculty in order to develop meaningful computer-based learning for students
  • Updating and maintaining software and related materials
  • Updating and maintaining databases of writing and math-related program content

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