ME of Civil Engineering

Concentration in Civil Engineering

   Areas of Specialization:
    A. Transportation Engineering
    B. Structural Engineering
    C. Geotechnical Engineering

Graduate Curriculum

Graduate Advising Form for ME of Civil Engineering

The Master of Engineering degree requires:

  1. admission of all degree seeking students to candidacy for the degree after the completion of nine (9) graduate credit hours in residence at the University;
  2. a minimum of thirty-three (33) graduate semester hours of coursework, including at least six (6) credit hours of mathematics, three (3) credit hours of laboratory based courses, three (3) credit hours of special problems in engineering applications (design project), and six (6) credit hours of electives with the consent of the advisor.

Substitution within the core courses may be permitted with the consent of the advisor and the department head.

Advancement to Candidacy & Program of Study


Admission to candidacy is an important step in the student’s progress toward a degree. The step indicates that the student has successfully completed an important portion of his/her graduate studies, has outlined the remainder of his/her program of study, is considered a capable graduate student and is viewed as a worthy candidate for an advanced degree in his/her field of specialization. Recommendation for candidacy, therefore, is based upon performance on admission tests, completion of prerequisite courses, class work, and professional behavior. Performance in core courses and major field courses is deemed significant. Students must apply for admission to candidacy after they earn at least nine (9) semester hours of graduate credit but before having earned fifteen (15) credit hours. The Program of Study and Advancement to Candidacy form should be completed in consultation with the advisor, signed by the appropriate persons and returned to the Graduate School. Changes in the approved Program of Study require the written approval of the adviser and the Dean of the Graduate School.


When the student has completed nine (9) semester hours of graduate credits with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00, and has removed all incomplete (I-grades) from the permanent record in the Office of Admissions and Records, and met any admissions conditions, the student is ready to be admitted to candidacy.


After successful completion of nine (9) semester hours but not more than fifteen (15) semester hours of graduate course work with a grade point average of 3.0 or above, the student must be advanced to candidacy. The student who is not advanced to candidacy will not be allowed to take additional course work. Students who have been conditionally admitted to a master’s program must satisfy all stipulated conditions by the time a Program of Study is filed or prior to accumulating a maximum of 15 graduate hours. A test score condition must be met within the first semester of enrollment of courses for graduate credit. A maximum of 15 hours of graduate work will be counted toward the degree when admission requirements are met.

Courses taken after the term in which the fifteen (15) hours were completed may not apply toward the completion of the requirements for the degree.

No student will be permitted to graduate the same semester in which Candidacy is achieved.

It is the primary responsibility of the student to be familiar with the policies and regulations governing advancement to candidacy.