Student Successes

The Value of Sociology in the Real World

High fivingStriving for and obtaining a sociology degree can contribute to your success in a variety of settings: at home, in your community, and at work. In all of these settings, we engage with other people. As a discipline, sociology seeks to understand how group life shapes us and the society in which we live. A knowledge of sociology, then, can help us to navigate our day-to-day experiences more effectively. In pursuit of their own goals, both current and former sociology students often make use of their knowledge of the discipline as they interact with family and friends, neighbors, and colleagues. These students are adding something of value to their society and the world.

So, What Are TSU Sociology Students Up To?

Name Graduation Year Description
Zara Houser 2021 Zara was admitted to the sociology PhD program at Louisiana State University.
Boris Morring, Jr. 2020 Boris was admitted to a graduate program at the Princeton Theological Seminary.
Sabrina Coffman 2019 Sabrina was admitted to Lipscomb University's graduate program in the area of marriage and family therapy.
Michelle Porter 2018 Michelle gained employment at Metro Social Services as a Community Liaison. In coordination with her employer, she organized a community event. The event was centered around homelessness and working together to build a system to eradicate it. The event was called Pathways to Housing and was held at the TSU Avon Williams campus. 
Miranda McDonald 2013 Miranda was hired as the Vice President of Metro Policy at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.
Daniel Gay 2010 Since 2017, Daniel has been the President of The Focus Program, Inc., which is a Georgia 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and an after-school mentoring program for young men.
Kasar Abdulla 2005 In 2019, Kasar was given the Distinguished Alumni Award by the Nashville Public Education Foundation.