Radiation, Lab, & Bio-Safety

Compliance Measures

Biosafety Committee  - ensures compliance with federal, state and local regulations regarding research applications that may involve hazardous chemicals, materials or recombinant genetic technology.

Chair:     Mohammad R. Karim, Ph.D. 
Phone:    963-5336 
E-mail:    mkarim@tnstate.edu

Biosafety Manual - Manual for bio-safety training and information at TSU


Radiation Safety Subcommittee - ensures the safe use of radioactive material, radiation producing equipment, and all uses of ionizing radiation within the confines of the university.

Chair:     Mohammad R. Karim, Ph.D. *
Phone:    963-5336 
E-mail:     mkarim@tnstate.edu 
  * University Radiation Safety Officer

Radiation Safety Manual  
Radiation safety manual for Tennessee State University


IRB/Human Subjects  |  Animal Care and Use