Student Proxy Management

How to Add, Delete, Setup Proxies

If you, the student, would like other individuals (parent, caretaker, etc.) to view your student data, you must add the individual(s) as proxies into the TSU system. The person/proxy will receive an email from TSU, which includes a passcode, outlining how they can sign into the TSU system to see your data.

How to Manage Proxies

Login to myTSU -

Click “Banner Services”

Click the tab “Proxy Access”

Click “Proxy Management”



    1. Click “Add Proxy”
    2. Fill in the fields for the new proxy.
    3. Click “Add Proxy”
    4. Then, in the Proxy List, click to expand the proxy/person that you just added
    5. Then enter these fields:
        2. DESCRIPTION (IE. “my mother”)
        3. PASSPHRASE - (This is used when the proxy calls and emails the Records office. When the Records office is speaking to the proxy, the Records office employee will require that the proxy tell them the passphrase before the Records office shares any student information with them.)
        4. START DATE & STOP DATE (the timeframe that this particular proxy/person is allowed to receive information on this student)
    6. NOTE: the proxy will receive an email outlining what you’ve setup.
    7. Click “Email Passphrase” to email the passphrase to the proxy.
    8. NEXT STEP -- you must setup what your proxy is authorized to view.
    9. At the top, click the tab “Authorization”
    10. Click the checkboxes for the information that you want them to be able to view.
    11. Notice that there is a “Copy Authorizations” feature on the right. Use that if you are setting up several proxies to have the exact same authorizations….so it will be quicker for you.
    12. Below the copy feature, notice that you can choose to email to your proxy the authorization information that you have setup.



In the Proxy List, click the person/proxy you are interested in.

At the top, click the tab “History”. You will see all authorizations that you have setup in the past.



*NOTE: A student may delete a proxy 7 days after creating one.

In the Proxy List, click the person/proxy you are interested in.

Click the tab “Profile”.

Underneath the dates, click “Delete Proxy Relationship”.



In the Proxy List, click the person/proxy you are interested in.

Click the tab “Communication”. Listed are all communications that have gone to your proxies.


How does the Proxy/Parent Access the Student Information

On the email that the proxy receives, there will be a link to click in order to access the TSU system to view the student’s information. So the proxy should:

  1. Click the link/URL in the email
  2. For username, enter the proxy’s email address
  3. For passcode, enter the passphrase that was sent via email to the proxy.
  4. Click on the tab of the student you are interested in.
  5. You will see “Access for Student Name”. Underneath that, click the words like “View Address”, etc. in order to see that specific student information.


Printable Instructions

How the Student Manages Proxies (doc)