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ALERT! Be sure NOT to enroll in a course that your financial aid doesn't cover

What is CPoS?
You may not be aware, but there is an important emphasis in Federal Financial Aid Regulations that could cause federal grants, work study, and some scholarships to be reduced if you enroll in ineligible coursework.  Only courses that count toward your program of study can be considered when determining aid eligibility for Federal Financial Aid Programs. For Federal Aid to pay for a course in your major, it must be part of your Course Program of Study (CPoS) or be necessary to help you earn the total hours required to complete your degree. Not paying attention to these financial aid rules could affect your full-time enrollment status and ultimately your financial aid awards.  For more information about CPoS, click here for the Financial Aid webpage.

Would you like to know how many courses you still have to take?
...or how many credit hours you need for graduation?

Check out Degree Works!

Degree Works is a web-based degree audit and academic planning tool that provides students and advisors with an overview of remaining courses and credit hours required for degree completion. This tool also shows how each student’s coursework applies to a degree program in accordance with the Tennessee State University Catalog (undergraduate and graduate). Students and advisors can view transfer credit hours earned and credit hours assigned through Prior Learning Assessment Evaluation.  With Degree Works, students are less likely to take courses that they do not need, and they are more likely to stay on a direct path to graduation.  

Students should remember that the Degree Works audit is not an official University transcript, and that they should work with academic advisors to:

  1. verify the information in the audit;
  2. discuss course enrollment;
  3. develop an understanding of program requirements; and 
  4. verify final official degree clearance at the time of graduation.

Similarly, Degree Works does not take the place of face-to-face academic advising.

How to Access Degree Works

To learn more about how to access information in Degree Works, review the TSU Degree Works User Guide below for further assistance.


User Guide

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