Transfer Credit Evaluation Process

Steps to Take


All accepted coursework completed at previously attended colleges and universities will be posted to the student's record as part of the transfer process.The processing of courses will be done upon receipt of all of the student's official transcript(s).Transfer credit will only be posted once the student is admitted to the university.

The Transfer Evaluation System (TES) is a helpful guide for students and advisors which shows TSU course equivalencies from hundreds of colleges and universities across the country. This guide is subject to change as course content changes over time. It is important for students to understand that while courses will transfer, they may or may not apply toward your degree program. If a course does not appear in the list, then an official course equivalency has not been determined by the department as of yet. Courses and schools will be added to the list as official equivalencies are determined. A class listing on the TES website does not guarantee that it is currently offered at either school.


  • Click here to access the Transfer Evaluation System Website 
  • Select the state where your school is located
  • Select the school name.
  • A chart will display like the sample below:

Transfer Course

TSU Equivalent Course

AAS 0162 Art of Africa/Ocean ART ELLD LD: Art of Africa/Ocean
AAS 0201 Intro to Afro-Amer HIST2040 Afro-Amer to 1865
AAS 0202 Intro to Afro-Amer HIST 2050 Afro-Amer Since 1865
AAS 0211 Intro to African Stu AAS 2100 Intro African-American
AAS 0310 Intro to Afro-Amer AAS ELUD UD: Intro to Afro-Amer
  • Courses equated to ELLD (ELective Lower Division) indicate there is no direct equivalencies and will transfer as lower-division elective credit.
  • Courses equated to ELUD (ELective Upper Division) indicate there is no direct equivalencies and will transfer as upper-division elective credit.
  • Students will need to work with an advisor to determine how courses that are not listed or how ELLD or ELUD course will apply toward the degree program.
  • If you are attending a school that is not listed on the TES website you should check with the Admission's office to ensure your credits will be transferred by calling 615-963-5101.

NOTE: Students who are completing the Tennessee Transfer Pathways should follow the requirements at and should not use the chart. 

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Equivalencies 

Military equivalencies are determined using ACE credit recommendations.  Click here  to access the Transfer Evaluation System Website under American Council on Education.


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