Tennessee State University Police Department - Office of Professional Accountability

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Laws, rules, policies, and procedures control the conduct of all employees of the TSU Police Department.

Any person who feels that a sworn officer or civilian employee of the police department has mistreated him or her has the right to make a complaint.

Within the police department the Office of Professional Accountability (hereinafter O.P.A.), has the responsibility of investigating certain complaints of misconduct against sworn officers and civilian employees.  The O.P.A. examines all types of complaints, including, but not limited to: officer/employee discourtesy, excessive force, dishonesty, harassment, intimidation, discrimination, domestic violence, and other types of criminal conduct. If you choose, you may come to our office located at the Queen Washington Health Building. 1120 37th Ave. N.

All police department supervisors have an obligation to investigate complaints against officers or civilians under their command.  Complaints may also be made to any supervisor responsible for monitoring the behavior of the offending employee.


If at any time an officer or an employee of the TSU Police Department mistreats, harasses, intimidates or commits a crime against you, remember the names of the officers, what they looked like and the time and date of the event.

You should report the incident immediately using the Community's Complaint form located at Complaint Form.  The complaint may be reported to the officer's immediate supervisor, or to any other person responsible for supervising the officer.  Additionally, the complaint can be reported to the Department's Professional Accountability Officer.  Complaints can be made in person, over the telephone, or email by attaching the completed form and emailing to:

All complaints can be made anonymously, and be investigated fully, as long as enough details regarding the incident and the officer involved are provided. Please be sure to include a working phone number with your complaint.

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