Message from the Chief

Protecting the University's Most Treasured Assets

Tennessee State University Police Department welcomes all new students, parents, faculty, staff and visitors to our campus. Our mission is to protect the university's most treasured asset; our students. The mission statement is clear: To provide a safe and secure educational environment through collaborative interaction with students, faculty and staff recognizing the multicultural and diverse university community.

We complete the mission by working with everyone to ensure their needs are met on a daily basis. We cannot solely provide for your every need but we can find an individual on, and if necessary, off campus that can assist you. We publish a campus handbook annually that describes the services we provide and other useful information. We provide police and security services twenty-four hours per day every day as well as seminars and workshops throughout the year for your information, knowledge, and participation with keeping our campus safe.

We are here and welcome your visit to our department which is located in the Queen Washington Building (formerly the Health Center) at 1120 37th Avenue N. 37209

Gregory Robinson, Assistant Vice President and Chief of Police
Tennessee State University Police Department

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