Jada Harris

Class of 2025 | College of Liberal Arts | Mass Communication

Jada Harris


Hello, my name is Jada Harris! My major is Mass Communications with a concentration in journalism. I am a published book author, a waitress and a car side specialist at Applebee’s. Being a book author has always been a dream of mine, and I am proud to say that this year I achieved that goal. I write because it's my passion, not because I want to be recognized for it. My current and future goals consist of leading a happy life built off of my passions and love for the world, the beauty it creates, and the chaos I can try to calm. Due to me admiring nature I also have a passion for keeping her clean and the animals happy. Which is why whenever I get the opportunity for campus or park cleanups I gladly welcome the opportunity. My writing goal is to evoke curiosity, satisfaction, and an understanding of how the world works through the beauty of literature.

About me:

I play soccer and was on the varsity soccer team for four years with three years starting varsity during high school. While playing soccer I helped lead and organize practices when the head coach was not there. I was responsible for helping tape up and stretch some of the girls when the trainer was not available to assist with any injuries. Injuries are often painful and so is a bruised ego. In life you are going to have some disappointments or unexpected outcomes to situations. Writing, producing, and getting creative ideas out for people to see have always been important to me for it not only soothes my ego but oftentimes helps others. During high school, I was The Executive Producer for Lawrence North School Radio Tv Film Program (Cats Eye): I would organize and execute activities designed to increase advertisers and viewers. This means I would have to edit, proofread, reject, and review scripts with the anchors and interviewers before show production. I was also an Anchor//Script Writer/ and Interviewer for Cats Eye: In these positions, I would have to check my sources daily, provide a detailed and accurate script for the show as well as present it. When I was not anchoring, I would interview students and staff on their life inside and outside of school. At an early age I realized that creative arts, which consist of creative writing, theater and film, were definitely in my future. This led me to majoring in Journalism, being an author and currently helping to write the script for an upcoming tv show called Lincoln Hall.


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