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Please speak to the Internship Coordinator/Department Chair for your program prior to committing to an internship with an organization if you hope to receive academic credit for it.  Registration for credit without having done so may result in your being dropped from the internship credits.  Contact your program advisor regarding internship requirements.


  • FYI - List of recent organizations providing MPA internships (google spreadsheet) - listing does not imply the organization has a current opening
  • FYI - MPA internship information for organizations 
  • FYI - MPA internship details form which you should complete and submit to the internship coordinator/department chair before registering for PADM 6500 credits, along with award letter or other official communication from organization detailing the internship
  • FYI - MPA internship syllabus for students (read BEFORE you start, because one assignment is a daily log you must maintain during the internship, and cannot recreate at the end. All assignments are due by one week before the end of semester in which you hope to receive credit.).
  • FORM - MPA supervisor internship evaluation (internship supervisor must complete and send directly to internship coordinator/department chair by one week before end of semester in which you hope to receive credit)
  • MPA program information


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