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The Department of Health Administration and Health Sciences, houses three separate baccalaureate degree programs:

Health Care Administration and Planning  (BS)

Prepares individuals for leadership roles in the healthcare field. The curriculum includes instruction in health management, decision making, and health planning.

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Health Sciences (BSHS)

This is a completion degree for students who plan to apply for a graduate program in:

  • Physical Therapy,
  • Occupational Therapy or
  • Speech Pathology 

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Public Health (BS)

Provides students with an expansive introduction to the field of public health and prepares the individuals as health educators, community health workers, research assistants and to apply for graduate program in Public Health.  

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A Masters degree is offered in the following areas:

Public Health (MPH)

Provides students with the required training for entry-level positions in the broad field of public health

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