Information to Help You

Extension Publications

    Bioenergy from Agriculture
    Improving Switchgrass Yields
    Economics of Small-Scale Biodiesel Production
    Small Scale Biodiesel Production
    Maximizing the Biodiesel Process
    Federal Assistance Programs for Biodiesel Production
    Sunflower for Biodiesel Production
Children and Family
  Infancy - The First Year
    Toddlers - Years One to Three
    Early Childhood - Years Three to Five
    Early Childhood - Years Six to Eight
    Preteens and Tweens - Years Nine to Twelve
    Early Adolescence - Years Twelve to Fourteen
    Late Adolescence - Years Fourteen to Eighteen
    Benefits of Play
    Children and Stress
    Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
    Teens and Drugs
County Land Use Maps

Family Preparedness

    Caring For Seniors In Extreme Heat
    Keeping Children Safe In The Heat
    Surviving Heat for Kids
    Saving Energy in Cold Weather
    Water Conservation in the Home
    Helping Kids Through a Disaster
    How to Talk to Kids About Disasters
    Conserving Water for Kids
    Warning About Contact with Pigs (Fairs)
    How to Prepare a Disaster Kit (Video)
    Tornado Safety
    Developing a Communication Plan

Food and Food Safety
    Avoiding the Food Danger Zone When It Is Hot Outside
    Food Safety Educational Materials for Nurses
    Food Safety During Emergencies
    Food Safety for Caregivers
    Food Safety for Older Adults
    Keeping Food Safe When The Lights Go Out
    Prepare an Emergency Food Kit
    Safe Handling of Raw Meats  
Tasty and Safe Cookbook (5 mb file)
    What Will You Do When A Disaster Strikes?  A Reference Guide to Help Keep You and Your Food Safe

Forages and Animal Care
Calibrating Seed Drill Seeding Rates for Native Warm Season Grasses
Native Warm-Season Perennial Grasses for Drought Management in Forage Production
Small Ruminant Bio-Securuty
   Goat Management in Drought
Warning About Contact with Pigs (Fairs)

Fire Ant Control
   Calibrating a Fire Ant Bait Spreader   
   Fire Ant Control for the Nursery Industry
   Baiting Nurseries with a Herd GT-77
   Changing a Herd Spreader Blocking Plate

Insect Control
Broad Mites
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Camphor Shot Borer - A New Nursery and Landscape Pest in Tennessee
   Controlling Flat Headed Appletree Borer in Nurseries with Soil Applied Systemic Pesticides
   Japanese Maple Scale in the Nursery
   Kudzu Bug
   Hemlock Woolly Adelgid - A new invasive insect in Tennessee
Spotted Wing Drosophila - A new insect in Tennessee

Lawn Management
    Lawn Weed Management
    Weed and Wild Garlic Control in Lawns
    Weed Control Without Chemicals

Small Business
    Adverse Possession
    Find and Secure Business Financing
    How Your Loan Request Will Be Reviewed
    Mineral and Air Rights
    Start a Small Business
    Write a Loan Proposal
    Writing a Business Plan    

Weed Control

    Poison Ivy Identification and Control
    Weed and Wild Garlic Control in Lawns
    Weed Control in Pines
    Weed Control in Peppers
    Weed Control Without Chemicals
    Weed Identification - Cool Season Weeds
    Weed Identification - Warm Season Weeds
    Understanding and Selecting Herbicides

Fruit & Vegetable Gardening
    Cool Season Vegetable Planting Guide
    Growing Vegetables in Mini Gardens and Containers    
    Harvesting Vegetables
    Warm Season Vegetable Planting Guide

Urban Forestry
     Centennial Park Tree Identification Guide



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