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Growing plants for fuel.
Helping children learn.
Making healthier foods.
Learning how cells develop and function.
Cleaning our environment.
Creating new medicines.
Keeping families together.

These are just some of the exciting careers you can pursue with a degree from the College of Agriculture.

Allow us to open doors for you to exciting opportunities in the expanding realm of the life sciences and we will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and training needed to excel in the career field of your choice.  Join our diverse student body to begin your future today.

Learn about the many
and varied
Degree Programs
in Agricultural, Environmental and  Human Sciences.


What is Special About Our College


The College's low faculty-to-student ratio assures you that you will receive individualized attention from dedicated faculty who are experts in their areas of specialization.  Career opportunities for graduates are excellent.


The uniqueness of our urban location coupled with our network of research facilities provides you with unique and marketable hands-on experience in research projects and industry internships.

Best of all, you can get your education for little or no out-of-pocket expense!  We have made financial assistance available through work-aid to undergraduate students receiving the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship to cover all tuition and on-campus living expenses. 

Graduate Assistantships are available to qualified graduate students who show promise for excellence in graduate work.

Find out about admission to our programs, or email or call us (615) 963-5438 to find out more!

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and discover the heart of our exciting TSU Tiger community.

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Undergraduate Admissions
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Nashville, TN 37209

888-463-6878 toll-free
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  Graduate Admissions
P.O. Box 145
Nashville, TN 37209

615-963-7371 voice
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