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Media Alert - September 11, 2018
Department of Media Relations, 615.963.5331 

A prank social media posting is under investigation by the Tennessee State University Police Department. The probe comes following a call from a parent saying her daughter received a group text reporting an active shooter on the campus Tuesday, Sept. 11. TSUPD conducted a thorough investigation of the claim, which turned out to be false. Police are still investigating the origin of the information that could result in charges for the hoax.


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Queen Washington Building (formerly the Health Center)
1120 37th Ave. N 37209
(615) 963-5171

Our Mission

The mission of TSU Police Department is to protect Students, Faculty, Staff and the Property owned, leased, or operated by the university. The department is provided its legal authority by Tennessee Code Annotated (T.C. A.) # 49-7-118 and the Tennessee Board of Regents Policy # 6:01:07:00. These codes emphasize the required training and parameters of law enforcement officers on university campuses in the state of Tennessee.

If you are on campus and have an emergency, please contact TSU Police Department at: 963-5171 (5171 using campus phones) instead of 911. We advise this to avoid any delays with service. A certified trained TSU police dispatcher will contact the necessary emergency services to assist you.

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 Informational Logs & Reports

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2016 Campus Security, Crime Awareness, and Fire Report (Jeanne Clery Report)

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