Crime Prevention

Abston on T3Tips For Safety

Follow these helpful tips for safety at TSU:

  •  Always be aware of your surroundings and people around you
  •  Walk with a purpose
  •  Do not walk alone - after dark, use the shuttle service
  •  Do not be distracted talking or looking  for something
  •  Park and walk in well-lit and populated areas when possible
  •  Have your keys in hand before you reach your vehicle
  •  Keep your vehicle doors locked and avoid leaving valuables out
  •  Do not flaunt cash, jewelry, camera phones, or other things of value
  •  Books or book bags should never be left unattended
  •  Keep up with your belongings at all times
  •  Place an identifying number inside your belongings
  •  Register your vehicle with the TSU Police
  •  Properly display your parking decal
  •  Attend seminars on crime prevention awareness techniques
  •  Be sure to report suspicious or troublesome individuals


Campus Crime Prevention Program: (615) 963-6601

Report a Crime Tip: Anonymous Tip Line



webpage contact:
Police Dept