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Welcome to the website of the Tennessee State University Identification and Access Control Center operated by the Office of Emergency Management and Support Services. The TSU ID/Access Center serves as a focal point for all identity/access management activities at the university and provides general support for the various services connected to the TSU ID/Access Card.


All students, faculty and staff of the university are required to obtain and wear an ID/Access card. The ID/Access card should be on your person and VISIBLE at all times while on campus.

In addition to identification, the ID/Access card provides access to:

  • university housing,
  • dining,
  • recreational
  • and academic facilities.

The ID/Access card also:

  • provides admission to university sponsored events/activities (admission fee may apply)
  • and can also be used to purchase goods and services at select locations on campus through the university's Declining Balance program.


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