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The College offers five bachelor of science degrees with majors in Agricultural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Family and Consumer Sciences and Early Childhood Education (preK-3 certification).  Also offered are the pre-professional areas of Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Pharmacy, and Pre-veterinary Medicine. 

Within each degree program, students may choose a concentration or emphasis.

B.S. in Agricultural Sciences
   With concentration in:
   Agricultural and Extension Education
   Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine
   Applied Geospatial Information Systems
   Food Technology

   Plant and Soil Science

M.S. in Agricultural Sciences
   With concentration:
   Agribusiness Management and Analysis
   Agricultural and Extension Education
   Animal Science
   Food Marketing and Supply Chain Management
   Plant and Soil Science

PSM in Applied GIS

PhD. Biotechnology Concentration

Graduate Certificate in Applied GIS

B.S. in Biological Sciences
   With concentration in:
   General Biology
   Cellular and Molecular Biology
   Biology with Teacher Certification
   Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentitsty, Pre-Pharmacy Programs

M.S. in Biological Sciences

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences

B.S. in Chemistry
   With concentration in
   Professional Chemistry
   Chemistry with Teacher Certification

M.S. in Chemistry

B.S. in Early Childhood Education (preK-3 certification)

B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences
   With concentrations in:
   Child Development and Family Relations
   Fashion Merchandising
   Family and Consumer Sciences Education
   Foods and Nutrition (Dietetics)
   Food Service Management
   Family Financial Planning Certification (6 courses)

Financial Assistance
The College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Sciences financial makes assistance available, through work-aid, to qualified undergraduate students. Graduate Assistantships are available to qualified graduate students who show most promise for excellence in graduate work through contributions to research or teaching programs. 


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