BS in Psychology: Online Courses

Online BS in Psychology

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Any TSU student can opt to take Psychology courses online, either through TSU (section 98x) or TNeCampus (section R50, R01, R25, R35). 

TSU students are invited to take a combination of courses online or on ground in order to meet the requirements for completing the BS in Psychology at TSU. All students must complete a total of 120 credit hours, 42 of which must be upper division (3000-4000 level). The 120 hours consists of:

    • General Education courses (38 hours)                                         
    • Psychology Major courses (33 hours)                                              
    • Electives, Minor, and/or a 2nd Major (49 hours)

TSU students are invited to take any combination of courses online or on ground. 

Online TSU Courses: Section 98 (98a-98z)

Courses listed in MyTSU with a section 98 are delivered fully-online at These sections are developed, managed, and taught by TSU faculty, who are available to meet with you during office hours or by appointment. There are no extra fees for these courses, and they are interchangeable with on ground sections of these courses. Current section 98 PSYC courses include:

TN eCampus Courses

TNeCampus (, formerly known as the Regents Online Degree Program (RODP), delivers fully-online courses in 15-week and 7-week formats, taught by faculty at 13 community colleges and 6 universities throughout the state of Tennessee, including TSU. TO REMOVE PROGRAM RESTRICTION ERRORS RECEIVED WHEN TRYING TO REGISTER FOR THESE COURSES, PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING FORM:

TN eCampus courses may be used for General Education, electives, and/or major courses in Psychology. Please see your advisor for guidance.

  • General Psychology (PSYC 1030) and Blocks 1-4 PSYC course electives can be fulfilled with TN eCampus courses.
  • TN eCampus course are listed in MyTSU with a section R50 (full-term), R01 (1 st  7 weeks), or R25 (2 nd  7 weeks).
  • If you have registered for a TN eCampus course, access that course at:

The cost of TN eCampus courses is slightly higher than TSU online or on-ground courses (the difference for a 3-credit hour course is ~$120.00). TN eCampus courses are charged per credit hour and are charged separately from TSU courses. TN eCampus courses  will not even-exchange with TSU courses when dropping and adding after the term begins. TN eCampus fee information can be found on the Bursar’s Office webpage: .

For a complete listing of TSU and TN eCampus online courses and CRNs by semester visit: /online/ and scroll down to the Online/Hybrid Courses heading.