Out-of-State E-rate

Making Education Affordable for Non-Tennessee Residents

e-rateEffective Fall 2010, Tennessee State University (TSU) has implemented an e-Rate for out-of-state students enrolled exclusively in online courses and programs. This rate is much lower than the normal out-of-state tuition (see rate table below). However, in order to qualify for the e-Rate, a student must:

  • Be fully admitted and enrolled in courses at Tennessee State University;
  • Be classified as a non-resident of Tennessee; 
  • Be enrolled exclusively in eligible online courses and/or programs; and
  • Not have a TSU housing assignment.

The eRate will be reflected on your account once the electronic verification of the eligibility requirements as listed above is complete - this can take up to 24 hours.

Eligible online courses include courses designated as section 98, R50, R01, R25, R35 or R80 and/or courses with an instructional method = DVC, RD1, RD2 or WEB.

Students enrolled in any type of courses other than online (on-ground, hybrid, telecourse, etc.) will not be eligible for the eRate specified in this guideline and will instead incur traditional non-resident fees and charges. Students who enroll in both online and other type of courses and subsequently drop the other type courses will not then become eligible for the eRate.

For more information or if you have any questions, contact Mr. Bryan Thorpe, Student Support Services Counselor at 615-963-7214 or bthorpe@tnstate.edu.

The 2023 - 2024 e-Rate Tuition / Fee Sheet

 The comparison chart shown below is just one example of e-Rate Tuition differences.

Tuition Comparison 2022