Dr. Robert Bryant
Associate Professor 
Music Education Program Coordinator
Department of Music

Tennessee State University Nashville Bryant Music Education

Room 265, Performing Arts Center
Office #:615-963-7785

Ph.D., Mercer University
M.Ed., Georgia Southern University
M.M.E., Florida State University
B.S., Florida A&M University

Curriculum Delivery
Graduate Courses
Introduction to Graduate Study in Music
Supervision of School Music
Advanced Instrumental Methods & Materials
Advanced General Music Methods
Foundations of Music Education

Undergraduate Courses
Introduction to Music Education
Elementary & Secondary General Music Methods
Fundamentals of Conducting
Praxis Review Seminar
Music in the Age of Social Media

Dr. Robert L. Bryant III serves as Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Music Education at Tennessee State University. A native of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Dr. Bryant has an established record of excellence in teaching in both K-12 and higher education. As a high school and middle school band director, ensembles under his leadership consistently earned ratings of distinction at numerous music performance assessments, festivals, and competitions throughout the United States.

Dr. Bryant teaches music teacher preparation courses and music education master’s degree courses. His research interests include minority music teacher preparation, urban music education, music teacher job satisfaction and career longevity, and music technology.

Selected Academic Publications
Persevering Through the Pandemic: Tips for Staying Hopeful in Times of Crisis. Tennessee Musician Magazine, 73(3), 21–23.
Experiences of preservice music teachers at minority-serving institutions. Journal of Music Teacher Education, 31 (3), pp 24-36.   https://doi.org/10.1177%2F10570837211068016

Selected Conference Presentations
Recruiting and Retaining Minority Student Musicians. Texas Music Educators Association Convention, 2022.

Exploring the Intersectionality of Social Justice, Social Media, and Popular Music in Higher Education Curricula. Association for Popular Music Education International Conference, 2021.

Breathing and Embouchure Fundamentals for Wind Musicians. Las Clinicas Instrumentales de UNIBAC, 2020.

Selected University Committees and Appointments
University Assessment & Improvement Committee
Music Department Leadership Team
Music Department Assessment Coordinator
CAEP Reaffirmation Committee, Standard-1 Subcommittee
CAEP Reaffirmation Committee, Standard-5 Subcommittee
College of Education Advisory Board

Professional Memberships
Association for American Popular Music Education
College Music Society (Cultural Inclusion Committee Member)
HBCU Collaborative for Excellence in Educational Quality Assurance
International Tuba Euphonium Association
National Association for Music Education
Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society
Tennessee Music Education Association (State Higher Education Chair, 2020-2022)