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Mechanical Engineering Design Experience

The Mechanical Engineering program systemically builds upon the knowledge acquired in the study of physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering sciences to provide the student with a broad base in the various areas of mechanical and manufacturing engineering, and prepares them for careers in the private and public sectors and/or to pursue graduate study. Students may orient their program toward the:

  • Mechanical engineering design, or
  • Manufacturing engineering, or
  • Thermal-fluid systems design.

The design experience consists of the following 5-step sequence:

Freshman Year

The engineering design experience begins in the freshman year with the ENGR 1020-Freshman Engineering Seminar and ENGR 1151 Computer Engineering Graphics and Analysis. 

Sophomore Year

The design experience continues in the sophomore year with the ENGR 2010-Thermodynamics, ENGR 2110-Statics, and ENGR 2120-Dynamics.

Junior Year

The design experience sequence is followed in the junior year with an interdisciplinary design course: ENGR 3200-Introduction to Design. The Mechanical Design and Manufacturing sequence begins in the junior year with MEEN 3210-Mechanism Design, CVEN 3120-Mechanics of Materials, MEEN 3220-Design of Machine Elements, MEEN 3250-Computer Aided Design, and follows in the senior year with the MEEN 4230-Machine Design. Students may take an elective course MEEN 4800-Advanced Machine Design with 100% design content and a technical elective course, like MEEN 4100-Instrumentation and Automatic Controls or MEEN 4700-Mechanical Vibration. Students are required to have some internship or research experience before graduation, and the best time to pursue it is after the junior year.

Senior Year

The thermal design sequence builds on the ENGR 2010-Thermodynamics, CVEN 3100-Fluid Mechanics with two senior-level thermal design courses MEEN 4150-Heat Transfer, MEEN 4250-Thermal-Fluid Systems Design, and an elective course with 100% design content such as MEEN 4200-Heating and Air Conditioning.

Capstone Design Courses

The Mechanical Engineering Design requirement is completed with two semester capstone design courses, ENGR 4500, 4510-Capstone Design I & II, which draw upon the previous course works.  A formal written report and a formal oral presentation are required to communicate the design and analysis outcome. Students are required to address issues related to professional and engineering ethics, engineering eco­nomics, contemporary issues, and safety related factors in their final design reports. 

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements For Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering:

128 Semester Hours

Engineering Core:

Major Core:

Technical Electives:

Design Electives:

91 semester hours

37 semester hours

Choose one from the following: MEEN 4100, 4120, 4300, 4400, 4600, 4700, MEEN 4020 or other courses approved by the academic advisor.  

Choose one from the following: MEEN 4200, 4800.


Admission of Transfer Students

Transfer students from other institutions of higher education who plan to enter the College of Engineering must meet the university admission criteria. For additional information related to university admission criteria, please refer to the most recent Undergraduate Catalog or Graduate Catalog.