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A  Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree  is offered in:

A Minor in Mathematical Sciences is also offered:

A Minor in Physics is also offered:

The objectives of the Department are: (1) to provide programs of study for those who desire to pursue an undergraduate major in mathematics; (2) to provide courses designed to satisfy the mathematics and physics requirements for the several colleges and schools of the University; and (3) to provide services to the University and the wider community related to the academic mission of the Department. The Department offers curricula leading to a B.S. degree in Mathematical Sciences.  In addition, students may earn secondary school licensure in Mathematics through the Department.

Accreditation: The teacher certification program in Mathematics is approved by the Tennessee Department of Education. In addition, the National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) has extended national accreditation to the entire teacher certification program of the University. 



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Mathematical Sciences
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