Minor in Physics

Requirements for Minor in Physics


The Minor in Physics will give students a foundation that will prepare them for technical careers and/or further study of physics.  The minor requires at least 20 hours of physics courses including 8 hours of Calculus-based Physics, Introduction to Modern Physics, Electricity and Magnetism I, Mechanics I and Introduction to Quantum Physics.  Students seeking a Minor in Physics
should contact Dr. Orville Bignall or Dr. John Kelly for guidance in developing a specific plan of matriculation.

Requirement Details:

Course Credit Hours
PHYS 2110 Calculus-Based Physics I 3
PHYS 2111 Calculus-Based Physics I Lab 1
PHYS 2120 Calculus-Based Physics II 3
PHYS 2121 Calculus-Based Physics II Lab 1
PHYS 3010 Introduction to Modern Physics 3
PHYS 3110 Electricity and Magnetism I 3
PHYS 3210 Mechanics I 3
PHYS 4100 Introduction to Quantum Physics 3
Total Hours 20