Faculty and Staff



Mathematics Faculty


Dr. Nolan McMurray, Jr., Professor
Dean, College of Life and Physical Sciences
Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Office:     PMB 305
Phone     (615) 963 5811
Email:     nmcmurra@tnstate.edu
Research Interests: Matroid Theory, Graph Theory

Dr. Michael Reed, Professor
Chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Ph.D., The University of Arkansas
Office:     PMB 316D
Phone:     (615) 963 5856
Email:     mreed4@tnstate.edu
Research Interests:  Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry

Dr. Martene Stanberry, Professor
Ph.D., North Carolina State University
Office:     PMB 315D
Phone:     (615) 963 5865
Email:     mfair@tnstate.edu
Research Interests:  Applied Mathematics, Control Theory, Mathematics Education

Associate Professors

Dr. Dorjsuren Badamdorj, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati
Office:     PMB 315C
Phone:     (615) 963 2505
Email:     dbadamdo@tnstate.edu
Research Interests:  Mathematical Modeling, Math-Biology

Dr. Ghan S. Bhatt, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Iowa State University
Office:      PMB 315A
Phone:     (615) 963 2530
Email:     gbhatt@tnstate.edu
Research Interests:  Applied Mathematics, Wavelets, Frames

Dr. Kothandaraman Ganesan, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago
Office:     PMB 316E
Phone:     (615) 963 5862
Email:     kganesan@tnstate.edu
Research Interests: Algebraic Geometry

Dr. Patricio Jara, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Louisiana State University
Office:     PMB 315B
Phone:     (615) 963 5860
Email:     pjara@tnstate.edu
Research Interests: Functional and Numerical Analysis

Dr. Wanda Payne, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Office: PMB 315E
Phone: (615) 963 5816
Email: wpayne1@tnstate.edu
Research Interests: Graph Theory, Mathematics Education

Assistant Professors

Dr. Noel Bourne, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Howard University
Office:    PMB 245D
Phone:   (615) 963 6877
Email:     nbourne@tnstate.edu
Research Interests: Representation Theory, Quantum Algebra, Permutation Patterns

Dr. Valerie Epps, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Southern University, Baton Rouge
Office:    PMB 245H
Phone:   (615) 963 5868
Email:      vepps1@tnstate.edu
Research Interests: Mathematics Education

Dr. William Taylor, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., The University of Arkansas
Office:     PMB 316B
Phone:   (615) 963 5869
Email:      wtaylo17@tnstate.edu
Research Interests: Commutative Algebra


Physics and Astronomy Faculty


Dr. Orville Bignall, Professor
Ph.D., Florida State University
Office:     PMB 145B
Phone:     (615) 963 5870
Email:     obignall@tnstate.edu
Research Interests: Radon measurement, Physics Education Research

Dr. Lizhi Ouyang, Professor
Ph.D., University of Missouri-Kansas City
Office:     PMB 140F
Phone:     (615) 963 7764
Email:     louyang@tnstate.edu
Research Interests: Interface physics and chemistry, Multiscale modeling of
composite material, and Electronic structure and properties of biomolecule

Dr. Moinuddin Sarkar, Professor
Ph.D., Kent State University
Office:     PMB 316C
Phone:     (615) 963 5850
Email:     msarkar@tnstate.edu
Research Interests: Phase Transitions, Liquid Crystals, Radiation Damage

Associate Professors

Dr. Geoffrey S. Burks, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Chicago
Office:     PMB 140C
Phone:     (615) 963 7967
Email:     gburks@tnstate.edu
Research Interests:  Variable stars, the Galactic Halo, and the intergalactic medium
(the gas between galaxies) on the astronomy side.

Dr. John Kelly, Associate Professor
Coordinator of the Physics Program
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison
Office:     PMB 140E
Phone:     (615) 963 5846
Email:     jkelly8@tnstate.edu
Research Interests: Condensed Matter Physics focused on x-ray analysis of materials


Mr. Ben Celso, Instructor
M.S., Tennessee State University
Office:     PMB 138
Phone:     (615) 963 7635
Email:     bcelso01@my.tnstate.edu

Ms. Katherine Liles, Instructor
M.Ed., Alabama State University
Office:     PMB 245A
Phone:     (615) 963 5811
Email:    kliles@tnstate.edu

Mr. Michael Moore, Instructor
M.S., Tennessee State University
Office:     PMB 245E
Phone:     (615) 963 2015
Email:     mmoore7@tnstate.edu

Mrs. Mathulani Sathananthan, Instructor
M.S., Tennessee State University
Office:     PMB 245C
Phone:     (615) 963 5864
Email:     msathananthan@tnstate.edu

Mr. Matthias Winfree, Instructor
M.A., Lipscomb University
Office:     PMB 245B
Phone:     (615) 963 2016
Email:     dwinfree@tnstate.edu

Mrs. Linda Woodruff, Instructor
M.S., Tennessee State University
Office:     PMB 106
Phone:     (615) 963 5868
Email:      lwoodruff@tnstate.edu


Faculty Emeritus

Dr. Raymond Richardson, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
Phone:     (615) 963 5811
Email:     rrichardson@tnstate.edu


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