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Kyle Murray, PhD


Kyle Patrick Murray is a political theorist who specializes in the fields of international relations theory, global political & cultural economy, and the study of religious forces within the context of globalization. An alumnus of Tennessee State University, Dr. Murray went on to complete his postgraduate studies with the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Limerick in the Republic of Ireland. Dr. Murray developed a conceptual model that can effectively contextualize the operational worldviews of different cultural forces in order to situate such movements within the wider context of and academic narratives on globalization. Dr. Murray has published within the fields of global political economy and international relations theory, and presented his work at international conferences in both Europe and the United States.


209A Crouch Hall, (615) 963-1394,  kmurra10@tnstate.edu


PhD, Global Political Economy, University of Limerick, 2011

M.A., Peace and Development Studies, University of Limerick, 2005

B.Sc., Political Science, Tennessee State University, 2004

B.A., History, Tennessee State University, 2004

Courses Taught

History of Political Philosophy, Theoretical Approaches to International Relations, American Political Thought, Introduction to Political Science, Third World Politics/Politics of the Developing World, International Relations, Comparative European Politics, Religion and American Politics, Politics and Government of the European Union, American National Government, and United States History.

Research Interests

Global cultural movements, globalization, international political economy, religious political economy, cultural political economy, international relations theory, and emergent cultural trends in world and US politics.

Selected Publications

Murray, K & Worth, O. (2013) “Building Consent: Hegemony, ‘Conceptions of the World’, and the Role of Evangelicals in Global Politics”, Political Studies, Vol. 61/4.

Murray, K (2012), “Christian ‘Renewalism’ and the production of global free market hegemony”, International Politics, Volume 49/2, pp. 260-276.