Information Technology Committee

The Faculty Senate Information Technology Committee provides faculty input and makes recommendations regarding information technology (IT) strategy and implementation at Tennessee State University to the units and committees charged with IT decision making. The committee keeps the faculty Senate informed regarding IT strategy and implementation at the University. The committee also provides direct IT support to the creation and maintenance of a Faculty Senate webpage.

IT Committee Mission and Charge

Committee Members in 2020-2021                                                                      

Name College Phone Email
Kamal Al-Nasr (Chair) Engineering 615-963-5848
Bharat Pokharel Agriculture 615-963-6054
David King Business 615-963-7169
Kisha Bryan Education 615-963-5466 
Liang Hong Engineering 615-963-5364
Guinevere Bennett Health Sciences 615-963-7490 
Jemal Gishe Health Sciences 615-963-7046
Wendelyn Inman Health Sciences 615-963-7328
William Johnson Health Sciences 615-963-5927 
Gary-Lee Lewis Health Sciences 615-963-5546 
Lynnette Barnes Liberal Arts 615-963-5589
Jennifer Castle Library 615-963-5207
Patricio Jara Life and Physical Sciences 615-963-5860
Jay Hedgpeth  Public Service 615-963-7668 

2. Meeting Minutes

01/28/14 03/18/14 04/15/14                                                                                        



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