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BBA - Business Information Systems

The undergraduate BBA degree in Business Information Systems is offered with three concentrations. Details below.

The master's level MBA is also offered with an MIS concentration.


Major: Business Information Systems
Concentration: Business Data Analytics (BDA)

The Business Information Systems in Business Data Analytics (BDA) concentration exposes students to analytics practices associated with Big Data in the business world. The program explores such key areas as the data extraction and preparation, data creation and storage, merging and grouping data, modeling and model evaluations. Both supervised and unsupervised techniques will be addressed. View courses...

Major: Business Information Systems
Concentration: e-Business Technology (EBT)

The Business Information Systems in e-Business Technology (EBT) concentration prepares students for a career in the rapidly growing field of e-Commerce and e-Business. The degree program provides a solid business foundation upon which rigorous information technology competencies are built. The graduates of the program will possess the requisite management and technology skills required for positions in the e-Business and e-Commerce arena. The main objective of the Program is to develop students who understand the strategic and operational nature of e-Business, and are capable of developing dynamic, Web-based systems that provide a strategic and competitive advantage. View courses...

Major: Business Information Systems
Concentration: Information Systems (IS) - Formerly known as "BIS-Industry"

The Business Information Systems in Information Systems (IS) concentration prepares the students for exciting career in the different areas of general information systems (IS) / information technology (IT) industry. Information Systems concentration prepares students to help organizations design and use systems for conducting transactions, managing information about customers, employees and suppliers, and ensuring the security of communications. They study how people adapt to new information technologies and advise organizations how to make the most of the information available to them. View courses...


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