What is Tiger Print?

Tiger Print is a web based system that will serve as an all-encompassing organization management tool to help you, the student leader, with everything you need to manage your group and plan events. New organization requests, annual organization re-registering, event forms, payment request, and organization funding requests can be processed online via Tiger Print. This system also offers many amazing communication features, you can stay on task and ensure your organization is on a path to success when it comes to planning events, group meetings, etc.

Where is the Login Page?

https://tnstate.campuslabs.com/engage login using your MyTSU username and password.

How do I create my individual profile on Tiger Print? What info should I provide?

You will be prompted to answer a few questions the first time you login, but the rest of your profile you’ll need to do on your own. You can edit your profile anytime by clicking on your name at the top right corner of your screen. A dashboard will slide out from the right, within which you will click “My Profile.” Once there, click the “Edit Your Profile” button. Please provide your name, email address and phone number as we will use the contact information you provide to get in touch with you. Also, be sure to upload a great profile picture!

How do I find a Registered Student Organization (RSO)?

From the Tiger Print homepage (which you will see upon login, or can be reached at any time by clicking the Tiger Print logo at the top left of your screen), simply click the search bar. From here, you can search by student events, organizations, and news articles!

Are there Organization Specific Functions?

Organizations have special functions to add/remove members, upload documents, and more. Presidents and advisors have these authorities and go through training. Follow-up trainings can be held by emailing TSUstudentactivities@tnstate.edu

What is a Registered Student Organization (RSO)?

A RSO is a student organization that has been recognized through the Offices of Student Activities & Leadership and is governed under the University Association of Student Organizations (UASO). All RSOs must re-apply for recognition on an annual basis. The Council of Fraternal Organizations (CFO) and the Religious Fellowship Council are both governed under the UASO.

What is the Council of Fraternal Organizations?

The Council of Fraternal Organizations is comprised of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), Honor Society Council (HSC), Independent Fraternal Council (IFC), Professional Fraternal Council (PFC), and the Local Based Council (LBC). Organizations are listed by their mission and current scope. Each Organization has a selective membership intake process.

  • NPHC – The Nine Historically Black Greek Lettered Organizations.

  • Honor Society Council – Organizations with a primary focus on academics.

  • Independent Fraternal Council – (Inter-)National Organizations on campus.

  • Local Based Council – Similar organizations that are not Greek-letter affiliated or exist only locally.

How can I start a new RSO?

New RSOs may start during the application period given by the Office of Student Activities & Leadership. Petitions to start a NEW ORGANIZATION are accepted twice yearly in the Spring semester (beginning January 15 ending March 31) and in the Fall semester (beginning August 15 ending October 31) . Registered student organizations must have open membership policies unless they are constitutionally required to be a competitive selective organization AND have satisfied all university requirements to be recognized with such a designation. All petitions must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities & Leadership to initiate the recognition process.


Re-activation of an inactive registered student organization occurs during the fall semester (ONLY) beginning August 15 ending October 31.

How can I get involved with an existing RSO?

RSOs host Informational events prior to intake and participate in Student Organization Fairs and Wednesday Tabletops. You can also visit Tiger Print and search for organizations by topics and interest. If you need further assistance, OSAL Coordinators are available to help you find groups in which to get involved. 

How do RSOs or students make payments to the Office of Student Activities & Leadership?

RSOs and students are able to make payments for Student Organization Registration and sponsored trips by visiting the Office of Student Activities website and clicking on Payment Portal OR by visiting Tiger Print and scrolling down to the Campus Links section on the homepage.

Looking for something fun to do this weekend?

Late Night & Weekend Programs at Tennessee State University are designed to engage students (undergraduate & graduate) during evening weekdays and various times on weekends (Thursday, Friday, & Saturday). Events vary between DIY Craft Nights, Themed Events, Midnight Breakfast, and much more. These programs promote the health, well-being and safety of students providing opportunities to engage with others in an alcohol free environment.