Academic Resources

Learning Support

Writing Center - The Writing Center provides support to University students by conducting Learning Support Workshops for English 1010 as well as group or individual tutorial sessions for students enrolled in writing courses throughout the university.

Mathematics Center - The Math Center we provides Learning Support for Math 1013 and Math 1110, and support for students in the mathematics courses required by their various majors.

Reading Center - The Reading Center is dedicated to providing support for University students which will enhance their experience in the reception and processing of ideas in the evaluation, application,  and retention of textual materials within their college courses.  The support is also designed to provide strategies to assist students with the application of high-level reasoning skills needed to identify, formulate, and solve problems.

Advisement Center - The Advisement Center is dedicated to assisting students define and attain their educational goals through academic advisement, encouragement, and referral to needed campus resources.

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