Internship Program

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The internship program is an active program and is designed to give students the opportunity to supplement classroom instruction with practical experience at a professional media entity. Students are placed at:

  • a media entity,
  • theatre organization,
  • or other related entity,

where they are supervised by professionals. Student placement is done in accordance with the student's career goals.

It is highly recommended that students notify the faculty concerned about his/her plans to do an internship at least one semester before the start date. This allows the faculty to make the necessary arrangements. Students are able to enroll in the internship course to obtain credit hours toward the degree. Students completing an internship, without first being duly enrolled in the course, cannot receive credit after-the-fact. Meanwhile, the department encourages students to pursue non-credit internship opportunities as a means to gain valuable practical experience. Interns are expected to conform to the rules of the media or related organization where they have been placed.

Results of employer and/or internship supervisor surveys

Available Internships

- Communications Internship

- Television Internship

- Radio Internship

- Newspaper Internship

- Magazine/Book/Internet Internship

- Film/Theatre Internship

- Music/Entertainment Internship

- Miscellaneous Internships

- Internship Syllabus