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BS in Urban Studies, minor in Nonprofit Management and Leadership

If you are in the Urban Studies major or the Nonprofit minor and you are not sure who your advisor is, please contact Dr. Joan Gibran.

BSSW, Child Welfare Certification- view contacts in Social Work.

BS in Sociology, minor in Sociology - view contacts in Sociology.

GRADUATE PROGRAMS - Advisors are assigned by program and status as shown below.


If you are... Your advisor is...


 ...seeking the MTC MSW (Mid-Tennessee Collaborative Master of Social Work)

Dr. Rebecca Moore | email | 615-963-7022

MPS ...seeking the MPS (Masters in Professional Studies, ROCC/RODP online program)

Ms. Sarah Winter Riebau  | email  |   office 615-963-7373 | cell 615-416-0998 

Nonprofit Mgmt. Cert. ...seeking the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management only Dr. Ken Chilton    |   email   |  615-963-7017

Healthcare Admin. & Planning Cert.

...seeking the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration and Planning only

Dr. Meg Streams | email | 615-852-7112

MPA ...a prospective or conditionally admitted MPA student Dr. Rodney Stanley  email  |  615-963-7241 unconditionally admitted MPA student, not pursuing a CPSUA certificate Dr. Rodney Stanley    |   email   |  615-963-7241 unconditionally admitted MPA student also pursuing the  Healthcare Administration and Planning certificate  Dr. Meg Streams  |  email  |  615-963-7112 unconditionally admitted MPA student  also  pursuing the   Nonprofit Management  certificate  Dr. Ken Chilton    |   email   |  615-963-7017
...seeking or planning an MPA internship Dr. Meg Streams  |  email  |   615-852-7112
PhD ...considering or seeking the Ph.D. in Public Administration Dr. Ann-Marie Rizzo  |  email  |  615-963-7250