Choosing your CPS classes and registering

Projected Course Schedules

Programs in the Department of Social Work and Urban Studies  | see myTSU Course Schedule and contact your advisor.

Programs in the Department of Public Administration

While projected course schedules are offered here as a convenient aid to planning, for the exact and most current information on a course offering see myTSU Course Schedule.

FUTURE - all projected course schedules are subject to change. Do not register for internship credits, dissertation credits, or independent study credits without PRE-APPROVAL FROM THE INSTRUCTOR.  Without pre-approval, you may be dropped from those credits.  The MPA Summer/Fall Internship Coordinator is Dr. Meg Streams; the Summer Internship Coordinator is Dr. Rodney Stanley. 

CURRENT (for up-to-the-minute details including room assignments, always see myTSU Course Schedule)


Degree maps (suggested course patterns assuming student attends full-time; these do not replace advising):

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